Christmas in Iran

Christmas in Iran

Iranian Christians celebrate their new year with the beginning of January. Most of Iranian Christians are Armani people. If you step out these days, you will feel this great holiday even behind the showcase of stores and coffee shops which have used Christmas decorations.

Behind the showcase of Armani Stores, you will see posters which represent time and place of celebration and live play of music. Charity markers are hot these days. The smell of delicious sweets made specifically for this holiday, and also the colourful candies beside the smile of people and children will excite you no matter which religion you are following. We are all got used to the doll Santa clauses, artificial Christmas tree, the glamour of stores, small drums, striped red and white sticks, candles and golden stars. This much of happiness and colour will excite the child within us. We are willing to see the kind Santa Claus to make our dreams come true. No matter in which religion we are, we believe this day is one of the greatest days of God like our sisters and brothers in Christianity.
The first night of January churches has a specific atmosphere in Iran. Right at the middle of the night the bell of the church will ring and the sound of it will din in the cities. The loud laughter of children could be heard, and whispers are praying God. Everyone is looking at the sky and the rituals are being held. In such a great ceremony you are invited whether you are Christian or not. Hands are kindly shaken, and smiles are freely given and taken.
In Iran churches are considered as tourist attractions since they are of ancient times. From among famous churches in Iran we can call Sur Garapet in Abadan, Vank or Amna Perkij in Isfahan, Saint Sarkis Cathedral in Tehran, Saint Estepanous church in Jalfa.

Try visiting these churches if you have devised travelling to Iran

Sur Garpet Church in Abadan:

This church which is next to Behbahani Mosque in Abadan apart from Iranian architecture, represents how unbiased people Iranian Are toward others’ religion.
Vank cathedral in Isfahan:

this beautiful church in Jolfa neighborhood in Isfahan has specific architectural beauties by which you will be excited. The ceilings are inlaid with historical paintings.
Saint Sarkis Cathedral in Tehran:

This church is the central place for Armani people in Tehran. This church with its specific architectural characteristics it was built by one of the Armani People as the reminder of his wife. Large windows, two domes on the top of two great towers in order to hold the great ring, and biblical paintings are all among the beautiful features of this church.

How We Celebrate Christmas in Iran

Celebrating Christmas On 1st Jan, The ceremony of sacrifice begins. Families enter the yard of churches, kiss the relatives. Children play and adults do greetings. At the exact time of 12:00 when bells ring, the sound of silence is all you will hear, everybody look at the sky and pray, lighten candles, sing while their tears wash out their faces. 

On 5th Jan, Armenians break their fasting, doing communion in Church. For the consecration, they give some butter to families to be added in their meals.

In the Christian New Year Eve family members gather together around the Christmas tree and pray and then attend to church services. Pine trees are ornamented by colourful glass balls and shining lights and under the Christmas trees, there are always gifts. Some family members put on Santa clause clothes, and some hire a Santa clause to give presents to the children.


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