Do you know about Iran?

Do you know about Iran?

Did you know that Iran was the birth place of most of the primary occurrences?

The first sanitation systems were built in prehistoric Middle East, and more specifically in southeast province of the modern country of Iran near Zabol.
The first cavalries were found in Iran, established by Sam the king with the number of 115 soldiers.
Iranians were the first people who discovered copper.
Iranians were the first people who began melting in Silk city around Kashan.
Iranians were the first people who used perfume
Iranians were the first people who invented glass for decorating their houses.
Iranians were the first people who discovered sphericity of the earth (This fact returns to the era of Jamshid kingdom in which people put an apple in a bowl in each spring as a sign of the spinning of the earth around sun and around itself).
The first vocational school was built in Iran by Cyrus the great in Susa. Technology and art were the primary subjects which were covered in this school.
National employment, retirement after forty years of work, and receiving pension after retirement were founded by Cyrus the great.
The current calendar being used ( in which every month equals to 30 days) was founded by the order of Darius the king. he had hired a group of scientists headed by of Babylonian scientist “Danny Tone”. According to the first calendar the first and the fifteenth of each month were holidays. Throughout a year there were 31 days known as official holidays from which 5 days were assigned for religious holidays.
Iranians were the first people who discovered fire.
Iranians were the first people who built a ship under the commands of queens.

Iran, a land which signifies ” The most” in tourism industry.

World’s greatest stone building: Persepolis is the largest Achaemenid magnificent monument that is all made of stone. It’s interesting to know that no building material was used between these stones.
the hottest place in the world:”Lut” desert is the hottest place in the world with 67 Celsius in the shade. There exists no life in this region, even bacteria couldn’t survive. Before this discovery of the region by Professor Kardavani it was supposed that Libya Desert in northern Africa with 57.7 ° C. is the warmest place on the earth.
The world’s largest adobe structure: Yazd is one of the ancient cities in the world that is made up of the largest adobe structures. She is one of the most important cities of Iran which you will see in this any itinerary.
The world’s largest indoor market: Tabriz Bazaar, with one million square space, is the largest indoor market in the world. Tabriz has been a consistently important trade city due to it location on the Silk Road.
The oldest dam in the world:”Kabar” dam is located in 25 Km far from Kashan, Qom and is one of the masterpieces of the Sassanid era. This dam survived over a thousand years after several earthquakes happened.
The world’s tallest wind catcher: the wind catcher in Dolatabad Garden in Yazd with 33 meters height is the tallest wind catcher in the world.
The most operational ancient bridge in the world: the bridge is located in the center of the city of Dezful. It connects East and West of the city and is made in 260 AD during the Sassanian Shapur era.
The oldest cypress trees in the world: One of the oldest creatures in the world is Cypress of Abarkuh about 4000 to 4500 years old. According to some myths, plantation of this beautiful tree has been attributed to Zoroaster the prophet.
The tallest brick tower in the world: Qaboos dome with the height of 55 meters is the tallest brick tower in the world.

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