Iran new year tour 2017

We have special tour offer, if you are looking for a new iran tour package for your holiday. In this tour you can see the  best attraction of Iran in all highlight city like Tehran, Kashan ,Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. And also to experience special ceremony that are hold in New year and Christmas time in Iran. So don’t hesitate time to come and Discover Iran by yourself as new destination.


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Tehran, Iran


           Shiraz, Iran


New year


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7 nights accommodation


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Arrival to Tehran. Transfer to Hotel and after rest have city day tour to visit Golestan Palace ,Jewelry museum ,bazaar and have a good time in coffeshop  with live music. Overnight Tehran



Drive to kashan. Have half city day tour to Visit Tabatabaie House,Soltan Ahmad House and Fin Garden. Overnight in one of the beautiful traditional House that turned to Hotel with Modern facility. You can experience different type of accommodation in this city



Drive to Isfahan, on the way have short stop to visit Abyaneh . It is a beautiful village in which people are still living the way they used to live 2500 years ago with its red stair house and  You will be attracted to their clothing to the extent that you can’t resist trying them on or take them as souvenirs. Then move to Isfahan. After rest to visit Vank cathedral that is one of the famous church in Iran with beautiful decoration. In this days of new year you will see some ceremony in this place. The Vank cathedral in Julfa that is located in Armenian quarter in Isfahan with beautiful shop store and cozy coffeeshop,for sure taste Armenia coffee of this place.



Full city day tour in Isfahan that is one of the largest cities in the world with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques, minarets and monuments.The Naghsh-e Jahan Square is famous attraction of this city that has been registered by UNESCO as outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. . Isfahan also has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture. start city day tour with to visit  Naghsh-ejahan complex(A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah , Imam Mosques and Bazaar),Hasht behesht .in the night you can walking in the streets and bank of Zayandeh rooud (river).Overnight Isfahan



Drive to Yazd that is cities of Zoroastrian culture and city of wind catchers. to visit Towers of silence,Jame mosque,Zoroastrian Fire Temple,Dowlat Abad Garden and Amir Chakhmagh,Overnight Yazd.



In the morning drive to Shiraz, Drive to Shiraz,on the way we will have short stop to visit Persepolis and Pasargade.Persepolis or Takht_e Jamshidis one of the masterpieces of Iran ,that belongs to history of all people around the World. UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis as World Heritage Site in 1979.For sure you will enjoy of your time in this place.then keep going toward Shiraz.In the entrance of the city is a historic gate that called Quran Gate which were kept hand-written Qurans and Travelers passing underneath the gates were believed to receive the blessing of the Holy can have short stop to visit khajoye kermani tomb that is tomb of
famous poet of this city and also see Shiraz from highest point.Overnight Shiraz



Full city day tour in Shiraz that is one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia and  center of the arts.Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature ,Monuments,Garden and flowers.Start your city day tour with Zand complex that is include Citadel,Bath,mosque and traditional Bazaar. Nasir ol molk that named in popular culture as the Pink Mosque,due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design would be your next attraction in this city. for lunch taste local food of Shiraz in one of traditional restaurant with local menu and live the night you can see tomb of Hafez that is tomb of Iranian famous poet and you can experience memorable time in this Garden.Overnight Shiraz



After Breakfast ,start your city day tour in Shiraz with visit beautiful Eram Garden that is  is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz,and resembling of Heaven with many cypress trees, a magnificent building, a hall decorated with mirrored facets, a fine stone edged pool and poems from the poet Hafez. in the evening you have special time to meet one of famous Iranian chef in her home to have dinner and experience lifestyle of Iranian. then transfer to shiraz airport for departure time.(if your departure time is from Tehran, We will book your domestic flight from Shiraz to Tehran airport for departure flight and replace dinner to lunch time).


Why we love iran new year tour ?

In this tour package ,you will enjoy Christmas time in Iran and also you can see all highlight city of Iran like Tehran,Isfahan,kashan,yazd and Shiraz. Each cities have several monuments and also you can visit famous church in main cities that have special ceremony for new year time. .

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