Iran visa General information

All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran

Iran visa process is not complicated at all and Contrary to popular belief; it is very easy. At first you must choose your preferred process which differs depending upon nationalities and then follow.Iran visa has three categories.

1- Iran Touristy visa

2-  Iran Visa on Arrival

3- Iran visa for American,British and Canadian nationalities

follow up some steps to get  Iranian Touristy visa:
  1. Send passport copy in jpg form that has at least 6 months validity
  2. fill it out application form that based on your personal information on website of travel agency
  3.  the travel agency apply for your visa by Iranian MFA that is located in Tehran and after 6_10 days ,send your authorization number
  4. Refer to embassy that you choose as place of your visa issue.embassy in every country that has different rules and need different documents but at all you can get your Iran visa   ,after three days with this authorization number,two photos and application form that you can print it from your embassy  site and fill it out
  5. In this method you are capable of taking your entrance signet from any country which has Iranian ambassadorship, or from 5 main airports inside of Iran(Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad in Tehran,Airports of Shiraz,Isfahan and Mashhad)
Some information which is useful to Double check it out:

1. Documents that need :your passport copy in jpg format and your application form that you can fill it out on our website.
2. Iran visa has 90 days validity and the visa holder can travel to Iran during these 90 days for maximum 30 days.


3. This process has two different payment process ,too:
• MFA paper work fee that you must pay to travel agency .
• Embassy paperwork fee that your selected Iran embassy will charge you.
• Before apply for your visa, please check your passport and sure that it has at least 6 months validity.
• This process may change, so, contact your travel agency and check.

 The visa fee is 45 USD$ per person , it takes different based on your nationality for American,British and Canadian nationals takes 30 to 40 working days and others nationality between 5 to 10 working days. 

  • All tourists may stay in   Kish Island and Qeshm in south of Iran for 14 days or less without obtaining any visa.

Iran Visa For American

if you are American,British and Canadian citizens

VOA visa on arrival

It's free on tours!!!

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