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FriendlyIran tour and travel agency offers Cheap  flights to Iran. The direct flights to Iran are the best opportunity for passengers to save time and have the shortest flight to Tehran or other capital cities of Iran. Those who are interested in Traveling to Iran can have the best offers of flight to Iran as well as tour packages of Persia from FriendlyIran.

The pros of direct fly to Iran

Direct flights are:

  • The cheapest flights to Iran
  • The fastest flights to Iran
  • The most comfortable flights to Iran
  • Suitable for families with children


Direct fly from Europe to Iran

European tourists can simply fly to Iran with no stop, either with their national airline or Mahan Air and Iran Air which are Iranian national airlines. These two national flights of Iran are operating the best cost direct flights to Iran from European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Iran air and Mahan air have daily or weekly direct flights to/ from Iran, from / to more than 20 destinations all over the world Tehran.

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Best price flights from Spain to Iran

Mahan airline is one of the best local airlines of Iran which operates domestic and international flights.

Every week the A340 Airbus of Mahan air flies from Barcelona directly to Tehran with no stop and the best rate possible. This direct flight which provides easiest way to travel to Iran from Spain is the most recommended cheap and budget flight of Iran.

Spanish tourists fly directly to Iran from Barcelona or Madrid to Tehran. Book the best price tour package of Iran including cheapest direct flight to Tehran from Barcelona by Mahan air by us.

The schedule of Mahan air flight Barcelona-Tehran-Barcelona:

The airbus A340 Mahan airline has 2 flights in the route (Tehran-Barcelona) every week, on Sundays and Thursdays.

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Iran tour package for Spanish travelers starts every Sunday and Thursday from Barcelona –Tehran- Barcelona.

The best tours for Spanish travelers who are interested to book the best airfare of Mahan air direct flight are 8 days must see Iran tours and 12 days Iran cultural tours.



International Airlines with flights to Iran:

Airline From To
Aegean Athens



Aeroflot Moscow



Air Arabia Sharjah Tehran, Mashhad And Shiraz
Air Asia Malaysia Tehran
Air India Delhi Tehran, Mashhad
Alitalia Rome Tehran
Ariana Afghan Airlines


Mazar-e Sharif



Atlas Global Istanbul Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan
Austrian Airlines Vienna Tehran, Esfahan
Azerbaijan Airlines Baku Tehran
Emirates Dubai Tehran, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas
Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi



KLM Amsterdam Tehran
Kuwait Airways Kuwait Tehran, Abadan, Ahvaz



Pegasus Istanbul Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan
Qatar Airways Doha Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad
Syria Air Damascus Tehran
Tajik Air Dushanbe

Tehran, Mashhad


Turkish Airlines İstanbul Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan
Ukraine International Airlines Kyiv Tehran


Iranian Airlines

Caspian Airlines

Istanbul (Turkey)

Izmir (Turkey)

Sparta (Greece)

Erbil (Iraq)

Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)

Baghdad (Iraq)

Najaf (Iraq)

Dubai (UAE)

Iran Air

Ankara (Turkey)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Mumbai (India)

Beirut (China)

Beijing (China)

Baku (Azerbaijan)

Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Karachi (Pakistan)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Damascus (Syria)

Dubai (UAE)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Koln (Germany)

Hamburg (Germany)

London (England)

Vienna (Austria)

Paris (France)

Moscow (Russia)

Rom (Italy)

Milan (Italy)

Gothenburg (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Amsterdam (Nederland)

Kish Air

Dubai (UAE)

Abu Dhabi  (UAE)

Mahan air

Ankara (Turkey)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Delhi (India)

Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Kuala lumpur (Malaysia)

Guangzhou (China)

Shanghai (China)

Beijing (China)

Bangkok (Thailand)

Kabul (Afghanistan)

Sochi (Russia)

Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Moscow (Russia)

Milan (Italy)

Dusseldorf (Germany)

Munich (Germany)

Kiev (Ukraine)

Athens (Greece)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Paris (France)

Erevan (Armenia)

Erbil (Iraq)

Najaf (Iraq)

Dubai (UAE)


Booking a flight through Iran would be very helpful with storing time and energy and also makes your trip easier. Traveling to Iran with qualified airlines and low costs tickets is so enjoyable and makes your visit more efficient and exiting. Here we are introducing the best Airlines and their condition for Traveling in Iran.

Our Agent is online to consult and offer you best sales and offers. Don’t hesitate to ask about newest ticket sales and low cost airfare tickets you may have very best price tickets just now.

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International Iran Airports are offering calm flights from most of the world’s big cities via Turkish Airline, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Iran Air, Mahan Air and some other airlines. These flights would land in international airports like IKIA in Tehran, the capital and also international airports in Shiraz , Isfahan , Tabriz , Mashhad and etc.

 International Iran Main Airports List

Location served ICAO IATA Airport name
Ahvaz OIAW AWZ Ahvaz International Airport
Bandar Abbas OIKB BND Bandar Abbas International Airport
Isfahan OIFM IFN Isfahan International Airport (Shahid Beheshti International)
Kish Island OIBK KIH Kish International Airport
Larestan OISL LRR Larestan International Airport
Mashhad OIMM MHD Mashhad International Airport (Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport)
Qeshm Island OIKQ GSM Dayrestan Airport
Shiraz OISS SYZ Shiraz International Airport (Shahid Dastghaib International)
Tabriz OITT TBZ Tabriz International Airport
Tehran OIIE IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport
Tehran OIII THR Mehrabad International Airport

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 Imam Khomeini International Airport Route Map



Mashhad International Airport Route Map

 (Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport)


Bandar Abbas International Airport Route Map


Mehrabad International Airport Route Map


Shiraz International Airport  Route Map (Shahid Dastghaib International)


Tabriz International Airport Route Map


Isfahan International Airport Route Map


How is the Price, Length and Stops in Iran flight?

  • International and domestic flights are differing in price, length of flight, having or not having stop and also different baggage policies, in below we are mentioning some necessary information about these flights and the conditions for Iran travelers.

Flying through Iran by safe local flights


You can fly through Iran peacefully with common airlines such as Mahan Air, Iran Air, Kish Airlines, Ata Airline, Taban Airline, Zagros Airline, Aseman Airlines, Qeshm Air. These Airlines have daily and hourly flight among big cities and also between small cities of Iran.


Cheap Flight between Iran and Dubai, Sharjah, Istanbul

Gardeshgaran Shahr e Raz, is one of the best travel agency in Iran and is offering low cost international and domestic flights with well-known airlines like Air Arabia and Turkish Airline with most reasonable prices for traveling between all Iran big cities and Dubai, Sharjah and Istanbul.

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Which transportation is available in International Airports of Iran?

As you landed, passed through the gate and received your baggage, Taxi, Train and Buses are at your service. And if you would like to have especial ride from airport, our travel agency would do that for you.

You can also rent a car from the beginning to the end of your visit in Iran.

don’t hesitate to contact our online agent to have more info and stay sure about your transportation.


Can I use Wi-Fi in international airports?

  • Yes, in most of Iranian airports Wi-fi is available, ask information stand about password.


Which ID-cards do I need to pass the gate of Iran?

  • You will need only your passport and ticket in Iran airport gates.


Link to Visa in the Airport?

  • If you want to have a visa on your arrival, note that not all Nationalities can have this kind of visa. In Arrival Visa, you can have the needed information. Click here to know about all types of visa to Iran.


Can I buy custom dress in International Airports of Iran?

  • There some stores that you can buy dresses. Woman should have Iranian type of dressing while they are coming to Iran in the plane and in the airport too. (Especially if you are flying with Iranian airlines it’s better to cover your hair and body in Iranian type of dressing before you enter the plane)

Here is very notable info for dressing type and limitation in Iran.

Iranian women clothes and women dress code hijab


How can I be sure about flying with Iran Domestic Airlines?

Although most of the flight and airlines that we present here are trustable and assured, some of the flights are better and some have special conditions, some flights may have delay and may be canceled, our online agent is waiting to help you to choose best and guaranteed flights in Iran.


Can I change money in Iran International Airports?

  • Yes, there are some Iranian exchange shops that are 24 hours available.

It’s better to know that in Iran you can carry just up to 10.000 US dollars. You should give the rest of your money to your tour guide.

In case you want to have your money with yourself Gardeshgaran Shahr e Raz Travel Agency gives an especial service within it you can have Iranian credit card, easy and very common to use. For more information contact our online agent.


Can I stay in International Airport? How can American and Canadian and British tourists stay in Airport?

  • Yes, its ok to stay in airport.

Only people with American, Canada and UK nationality and passport should have their guide by their side to pass through the gate.


How much costs domestic flights in Iran?

  • Most of the time you can have discount depending on the time and destination but it may cost in high season between 1.000.000 to 4.000.000 IRR. (30 – 120 US dollars). But it very depends on the time and destinations.

We offer low costs flights with best airlines of Iran. For Booking cheap and conditional airfare tickets click here, or contact our online agent.

How much do flying through Iran takes? How many hours does it take to go to Iran?

  • From north to south or vs. the flight can take at most 2 hours. For assuring about the take off and exact time as well as best time managing between flights and Hotels check in you should book your ticket from trustworthy travel agencies and well known airlines, this way you may have some discount and special tour offers that may be very interesting to you.

We offer low costs flights with best airlines of Iran. For Booking cheap and conditional airfare tickets click here, or contact our online agent.


How is the connectional Flights to Iran?

  • Connection Flight may have stop in an airport depending on the airline and the destination. Most of the Iranian airline doesn’t have stop between flights. Turkish Airlines in Doha, Qatar airways in Istanbul and Emirates in Dubai may have stop.

We recommend Turkish Airlines and we are cooperating with this airline flight to Iran for best conditional and airfare tickets send us a message, our online agent is waiting to help you.


How to book  Ticket to Iran online ?

If you have any question, our online agent is here to help you.

We are offering guaranteed cheap tickets for Iran travelers. We have cooperation with most of the Iran well-known and safe airlines, each day we have new offers and tickets for sale.

Gardeshgaran e Shahre Raz agency offers reservation for tickets, hotels and transportation, gets Iranian visa for you and holds different kinds of tours across Iran, visiting the best and most beloved places in big cities of Iran. Making a good atmosphere to experience and get to know Iranian culture, cuisine, history and locals and nomads, for knowing about interesting tour packages click here.

You can have the opportunity to choose your favorite places to visit and your own travel plan, as well through Gardeshgaran e Shahre Raz agency you can have a guide just next to you accompanying and supporting you all the time.

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