Moghadam Traditional House in Tehran

Moghadam House-Museum is one of the most beloved traditional house in Tehran. This fascinating house is located in city centre, close to Iran national Museum and Tehran Grand Bazaar. The Qajarid house of Moghadam has a unique site plan and ornaments which makes it different from other Ghajar traditional houses. Because of its positive spirit, […]

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Tomb of Hafez

Shams-od Din Mohammad, known as Hafez (1315 – 1390 AD), His famous book is Divan (an anthology of poems), Today, he is the most popular poet in Iran. As the author of numerous ghazals expressing love, spirituality, and protest, he and his work continue to be important to Iranians, and many of his poems are used as proverbs or sayings. Many Persian composers have composed pieces inspired by Hafez’s poems.Today use Divan of Hafez for fortune telling. Iranian families usually have a Divan of Hafez in their house and when they get together during Nowruz or Yaldā open the Divan randomly and read the poem of that page, they believe that the poem on that page actually matches what happens to them in the future. Hafiz’s tomb is in Shiraz and considered as one of the major tourist attractions. Many of the poets like Goethe and Nietzsche has been influence by him and many people around the world know him and his poetry.

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Fin Garden

Fin complex with all the traditional features and architectural landmarks is a historical complex that includes garden and bathroom are the attractions of the historic city of Kashan which is registered by UNESCO.Unique architecture of this complex that sets it among the most beautiful gardens of Iran.Water plays an important role in this garden and regardless of the amount of annual rainfall does not change, even in drought years. its temperature is always 25 degrees Celsius and does not change in any season of the year.Pools and fountains with specific geometric shapes ,unique Iranian tiled and cypress and Platanus trees of this garden are as green gift in the heart of brown desert. in architecture of the building,It can be noted that to maintain the symmetry of the building and its perspective.If you stand in the dock of the building’s entrance can see the end of Kashan. floor tiling are like Iranian carpet patterns.Due to mercury in the water seven colored light is created and make dreamy atmosphere after dealing with colored glass room.over the years and after spending a large earthquake in the area ,this garden has not been part from the damages.Unfortunately, Iranian and foreign architects have been unable to rebuild due to Still undiscovered calculations of making this beautiful and mysterious garden.

Fin bathroom:famous bath of this garden,that killed here, one of the greatest men of this land in the name of Amir Kabir .Maybe reminiscent of bitter memories for Iranian people,But simply can not be ignored from a unique architectural and social impact of the public the past,public bathroom apart from the place to clean was considering as place for such wedding ceremony like Hanabandan,Medical works like fractures(Bone replacement),Massage and an important social role in the gathering of people and have fun.

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Ghalat Village , shiraz iran

If you have planned to visit Shiraz, do not miss visiting the village of Ghalat. This village is located 36 kilometers far from Shiraz in north west of this city. It takes 42 minutes to go from Shiraz to this city. Having nice climate has turned this village a very beautiful and comfortable place for visitors who want to go on a trip. Even travellers and native people of this area choose this village for spending their weekend there. This place is mountainous and you will see several houses in stair type of structure. Tall trees have covered the view of these houses. The nature of this village is truly beautiful. The green lands, winding alleys and the sound of waterfalls shows how intact the village is. It will attract you to walk on foot around the village. As you are walking it feels as if you are the first person who discovered these alleys. Walking by every alley you will face vacant cities which as old as the village itself. Old churches, water mills and handcrafts like baskets, Give(kind of shoes), Mashk and wood crafts are all attractive concepts In Ghalat.
After walking in untouched sites of this region you can take some rest in traditional café and restaurants which are designed with woody decoration. You can try Iranian food or tea. In spring and summer you can sit on the roof of these cafes and look at the blue sky, mountains, and long trees while listening to music. It will give a fantastic moment. In winters every where is covered with snow. Its falls are as colorful as you can not imagine, you may never stop taking pictures from its beauty.

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