Margoon Waterfall

Margoon Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and is located in the vicinity of the Sepidan city at the border of Fars and Kohgilouye & Boyer Ahmad province. In fact, this waterfall is the headwater and no river runs on the top area of its height. Rather, several hundred mini springs […]

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Koohgol or Kuh-Gol

When it comes to talk about Dena, it is impossible not to mention Koohgol. Koohgol (meaning mountain of flowers in Farsi) is surely the mother nature’s masterpiece in Dena. After a one-hour hike, we get to see a lake with the altitude of 2700m sitting in a unique location amongst a set of mountains with […]

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Barmfirooz Lake

After two hours of hiking, if we are lucky with not too windy weather, we can see the awe-inspiring Barmfiruz lake with its vivid turquoise color in the far horizon of a plain surrounded by a curved bulge in the 3328 altitudes. On a clear day when the lake waves are not turbulent, the lake […]

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Nasir ol Molk Mosque Shiraz

Nasir ol molk Mosuq that named in popular culture as the Pink Mosque,due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design. The stained glass windows capture the morning light and create a glorious play of light on the floor of the mosque.this place is interesting place for all photographer.

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Zandiyeh complex in Shiraz

Zand Complex: It includes Citadel,Bath,Mosque and traditional Bazaar,which is located in the center of Shiraz in Zand street among the oldest streets of Shiraz and near the most and best hotels of this city.

The Arg of Karim Khan or Karim Khani Citadel that resembles a medieval fortress from outside view and has a traditional Iranian building and a yard in interior part. This building is built in Zandiyeh Dynasty by Karim Khan who was a sincere king and is famous for his loyalty to the people and in one of rooms you will face with some statues of the king and other people that is like they retell you the story of their lives.

Bath of Karim khan: It is a traditional Iranian bath that has turned into museum. In this museum which is full of statues, you will get acquainted with Iranian culture and traditional lifestyle of Iranians.

Vakil Mosque: There are places of worship with extraordinarily beautiful in design and forms that show the art of Iranian. The iwans and court are decorated with typical Shirazi haft rangi (with seven colors) tiles and you can take beautiful photos in this place and enjoy your time.

Traditional Vakil Bazaar: In the past this bazaar was main store center of Shiraz and today it has become preferable place for the youths to go shopping or have gatherings because it has still kept its traditional and old environment. This bazaar has old shops to buy all kinds of Persian rugs, spices, copper handicrafts and antiques.

The entrance to each site is about 7 dollars and it is open from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. But Bazaar is free and open until 8:00 p.m.

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Tomb of Hafez

Shams-od Din Mohammad, known as Hafez (1315 – 1390 AD), His famous book is Divan (an anthology of poems), Today, he is the most popular poet in Iran. As the author of numerous ghazals expressing love, spirituality, and protest, he and his work continue to be important to Iranians, and many of his poems are used as proverbs or sayings. Many Persian composers have composed pieces inspired by Hafez’s poems.Today use Divan of Hafez for fortune telling. Iranian families usually have a Divan of Hafez in their house and when they get together during Nowruz or Yaldā open the Divan randomly and read the poem of that page, they believe that the poem on that page actually matches what happens to them in the future. Hafiz’s tomb is in Shiraz and considered as one of the major tourist attractions. Many of the poets like Goethe and Nietzsche has been influence by him and many people around the world know him and his poetry.

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Takht_e Jamshid Or Persepolis is one of the masterpieces of Iran ,that belongs to history of all people around the World. Persepolis is in Fars province,And located 10 kilometers north of Marvdasht and 57 kilometers of Shiraz.UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis as World Heritage Site in 1979.Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC, And some well-known archaeologists believe that the reasons behind the construction of Persepolis were the need for a majestic atmosphere, a symbol for their empire, and to celebrate special events like Nowruz(the name of the Iranian New Year that is the first day of spring).

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Tomb of Saadi

Saadi is writer and philosopher who was born and died in the 13th century in Shiraz. He is a great lyric poet second only to Hafez. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts. He spent many years wandering from the Middle East to North Africa and to India. He finally settled in Shiraz where he composed his two major works. Those are Golestan (The Garden of Roses) and Boostan (The Orchard). He is not only famous in Persian-speaking countries, but has also been quoted in western sources. his famous poem(Bani adam ) written on the entrance of the United Nations and the President Barack Obama quoted the first two lines of this poem in his New Year’s greeting to the people of Iran on March 20, 2009.

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Eram Garden

It is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz,and resembling of Heaven with many cypress trees, a magnificent building, a hall decorated with mirrored facets, a fine stone edged pool and poems from the poet Hafez. It was designed by a local architect, Haji Mohammad Hasan.Today it’s open to the public as a historic landscape garden and house museum.

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Ghalat Village , shiraz iran

If you have planned to visit Shiraz, do not miss visiting the village of Ghalat. This village is located 36 kilometers far from Shiraz in north west of this city. It takes 42 minutes to go from Shiraz to this city. Having nice climate has turned this village a very beautiful and comfortable place for visitors who want to go on a trip. Even travellers and native people of this area choose this village for spending their weekend there. This place is mountainous and you will see several houses in stair type of structure. Tall trees have covered the view of these houses. The nature of this village is truly beautiful. The green lands, winding alleys and the sound of waterfalls shows how intact the village is. It will attract you to walk on foot around the village. As you are walking it feels as if you are the first person who discovered these alleys. Walking by every alley you will face vacant cities which as old as the village itself. Old churches, water mills and handcrafts like baskets, Give(kind of shoes), Mashk and wood crafts are all attractive concepts In Ghalat.
After walking in untouched sites of this region you can take some rest in traditional café and restaurants which are designed with woody decoration. You can try Iranian food or tea. In spring and summer you can sit on the roof of these cafes and look at the blue sky, mountains, and long trees while listening to music. It will give a fantastic moment. In winters every where is covered with snow. Its falls are as colorful as you can not imagine, you may never stop taking pictures from its beauty.

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