is it safe to travel to iran for travelers right now ?

is it safe to travel to iran for travelers right now ?


Dear Traveler:

Are you considering traveling to Iran but not sure about safety ?
Are you worried that all the negative images that you see in the media, happen to be true when you travel to Iran?
If you are worried about the safety of traveling to Iran, this is the most important information you’ve ever read. Here’s why:

There are several reasons why Iran can be considered a safe country for travelers. You can search what’s being said here on the internet too, but if you don’t have time to do so, we’ve made it easier for you. Consider these facts about Iran why you also can freely travel to this country?

  • Iranian citizens are not allowed to carry any kinds of weapons or buy or sell them legally. Therefore there’s no thread of shooting to Iranian citizens, let alone travelers.
  • None of the Iranian cities are listed between top 50 most dangerous cities in the world (not in 2015 not in 2013 not even before that), Not the most dangerous cities in Asia, Not even in Middle East.
  • For more than fifty years, there have been no outbreak of any diseases or epidemics that threaten the life of people. There are no such diseases as Ebola or anything the same, either.
  • There have been no possibility of any terrorist attack in nearly 15-20 years. Of the 2 cities that have possibility of terrorist attacks near the borders of Iran and Pakistan and Afghanistan, none of them have any tourist attraction sites that any traveler might want to visit. It’s dangerous on any border lines, and Iran is not any different.
  • You rarely find any specific cases in the media about rape, murder or attacks happening to travelers or tourists. If there were any, how easy was it to be spotted in the media that are trying to give negative images and reports about Iran continuously?
  • There are some governmental laws for collaboration of ministries and governmental organizations for extra cautions and protections of travelers and tourists. Now more than ever tourist are kept safe under Iranian governmental laws.

You see, there are enough facts for a rational person to consider traveling to this country but let’s dig deeper. Let’s suppose you want to travel to Iran. You’ve made up your mind and now it more serious than ever that you know what the stakes really are?


Getting iran visa, the first step

It’s worth mentioning if there are any difficulties in getting a visa. These are not of course the real issues but might worry you along the way of decision making.
There are no limitations for getting any kind of visa. Not even for American citizens. You can easily get a visa if you are a lone traveler or if you’re traveling in a group.
So if there’s no limitations here, let’s move to the next part.

Iran visa & Visa on Arrival | Visa policy of Iran


You have the iran visa, now what?

The next steps are tickets, accommodations, hotels and cities. Here is the best part. You can get all the information from our agency consultants. More on this later.


The fact that credit cards are not accepted in Iran

But we have provide iran tourist card right now you can user your own credit card with your name by using our iran credit card services


What about hijab? What about morality police?

There are certain regulations about hijab. For tourists though, they are not very strict. It’s not something that prevents you from enjoying the beautiful landscapes you have to visit.
If it’s not made any problems for any tourist so far. It won’t make any restrictions for you either.
Yes, Iran has morality police but as far as tourists are concerned, if you respect the social norms, you won’t even see or notice them around.


Are there any safety issues for those who travel alone?

There are no limitations for travelling alone, even if you are a female. If you are travelling with a travel agency it’s even safer.
Not only that, these days we see a lot of tourists who travel here by a bike or a bicycle all alone with a simple travel guide book.


Groups are the safest

Although it was mentioned that traveling alone is safe and secure here in Iran, it’s good to mention that group traveling are the safest.
It’s easier for a travel agency to have a tour or hotel reserved when you’re in a group. It’s easier to have a sightseeing trip for even a small group of 3 or 4.
So if you are still worried and want highly safe and secure trip to Iran, consider travelling in a group first, and with a reputable travel agency.


Once you are in a hotel, you are protected as if in a safe castle

Let’s suppose for a minute that you are very skeptical and don’t believe in what it’s been said so far. If anything bad happens – like a social unrest, which not very likely- all you have to do is to stay in your hotel.
No one can pass the gates of the hotels without permisssion. It’s been the same for more than 30 years. If you are still worried when anything bad happens, the hotel staff and the travel agency guides will escort you safely to the airport where you can leave the country.
Again this is only for those who want to be skeptical about everything.


You won’t be raped, murdered or kidnapped by a shooter or a terrorist

Why? Just because we don’t see such cases in the news.
No, I don’t say we are living in a Utopia where everything is perfect and under control, but when the rates – especially for tourist – are negligible what can you do? Simple. Neglect it.


You won’t die in a terrorist bombing

Why not this one? Because there has not been any terrorist bombing for a long time. Except in 2 cities in Baluchistan, near the borders, and as mentioned before, there are no tourist attractions that you may want to visit near the borders or Iran.


Borders are borders are borders

If you’re not and adventure traveler, and you can keep away from the borders, there are no risks for you within the borders of Iran.
Iran has neighbors with a lot of terrorist attacks taking place in them every day. Surely, the borders of Iran are dangerous. But fortunately, there are no attractions or important monuments near the borders of Iran that you may want to visit.


Robbery, theft, pickpocketing

Although there will be little chance of armed robbery, no one can guarantee safety from theft or pickpocketing.
It’s good news that so far, there has been very few incidents of theft or pickpocketing happening to tourists.
But as long as you put your belongings in a hotel, and take care of your money and baggage carefully, just like any other country, you don’t have to worry much about this either.


Enjoy a safe and secure trip to Iran

Once you enter the country, you’ll see for yourself that all your worries will be gone. Then you can enjoy socializing with friendly and hospitable people who are ready to help you, and may even invite you to their homes for a friendly Iranian lunch or dinner.
Iran has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country in the region, most of them unseen by western travelers.
You CAN too, have an enjoyable, memorable trip to Iran. And please don’t forget to share your unique stories here with us, too.


Happy traveling to Iran

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is it safe to travel to iran for travelers right now ?
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