Island of seven Wonders

Qeshm Island is Island of seven Wonders
This island lies to the north of Hormuz Strait. Qeshm is the biggest island in the Persian Gulf and has amazing nature .
Here are some attraction of this region:

Stars Valley: this place is amazing phenomenon of Erosion of sedimentary rocks and is known as one of the most beautiful geological manifestations in Qeshm Island. Various forms of this region created stories that are sometimes eerie and scary but it is a tourist attraction .some stories like believe of local people which is once a huge star fell on their village and made strange design of soil and stone and this strange shape . Air flows in valleys and strange sound, make scary to go to this place at night, Although is the most beautiful place at the night and nearest place to stars to catch(seized) them by hands in quiet sounds .

Hara Forest ( Mangrove ):The south part of Iran is Marine areas, dry weather with saltwater and Hare trees are a plant that grows without the need for fresh water. Trees that grows to heights of three to eight meters and has bright green leaves and twigs and It usually blossoms and bears fruit from mid-July to August, with yellow flowers and a sweet almond-like fruit. This place Perhaps is the most unique attraction on Qeshm Island. One of the benefits of the regionis in improving of skin diseases. You can go with a local boat among the beautiful trees and enjoy of the unique nature and silence of this place.

Salt caves: if move toward West of Qeshm Island, reach to place which is like you discover one of the vacant and unknown place of the world. It is the longest salt cave in the world with more than 6 km long. This place is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of nature, which is like in this hot zone ,God’s give the snow mountain as gift to people of this region. According to recent researches, breathing in the caves may be useful for curing asthma.

Talla wells:This place is located at 76 km from the island. In this place you will see one of the first way to storage water that keep cool water for long time. Each of these wells were in various geometric shapes. Some historians believe that these wells are related to Achaemenian and Sassanian dynasties. the number of wells are 366 that return to the number of days in year and people open the door of one wells and has been used of water that. On top of these wells, there is two garrets monument which is return to 17 century.

Kharbas caves:In 10 km from Qeshm ,there is wonderful monuments.The ancient place which is related to the sassandie(Median )era and according to some scholars, was applied as holy place and worship of the Mithraism Followers (cult or) and temple of Anahita (Goddess of water and fertility). Monumental works of architecture in the heart of the rocky mountains in this area were seen. these caves which are both natural and manmade and are one of the masterpiece monuments.