Top 20 Motives to Visit Iran (4)

16. Ta’rof! As we talked about it at the first step, being Friendly is the most amazing feature of travelling to Iran. Iranians always treat their guest in the best possible way. Taarof is a unique Persian culture makes you feel not a stranger at all, although it may cause some cultural misunderstanding ?…It can’t […]

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Top 20 Motives to visit Iran (3)

11. Where is modern day Susa? Even if you don’t normally seek out ancient ruins, these three World Heritage sites will make you reconsider. The great bulk and fascinating back story make the Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat, which dates back a mere 34 centuries, one of the most impressive historical sites in a region full of […]

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Top 20 Motives to Visit Iran (2)

6. Yummy Trip Iranian food is one delicious surprise after another. Once you’ve tried several varieties of kabab, khoresht (stew), ash (soup) and flat bread, ask for Fesenjun (chicken in walnut and pomegranate sauce) or anything with Bademjan (eggplant), or try Gilan cuisine with its predominantly sour flavors, this city is the only registered UNESCO […]

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Top 20 Motives to Visit Iran (1)

1. Friendly People The first impression after entering the country is "Do they know me?!" In any competition for the title of the world’s friendliest people, Iranians would be definite finalists. It’s the people that leave the most lasting impressions from any journey to Iran, their warmth and their hospitality, their willingness to set aside enmities between [...]
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Top 5 Traditional Hotels of Middle East in Iran 2018

Each year Trip advisor, the world famous tourism magazine, announces Best Middle East B&Bs and Inns. In 2017, Iranian House,  Saraye Ameriha,  Manouchehri house and Ehsan house were 4 suggested Traditional and Historical House in Kashan among 25 Best Bed and Breakfast hotels and inns. They were also Top accommodation in Kashan based on tourist reviews in 2017. [...]
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