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    Tea in Iran.Iran blog.Iran tour
    Tea in Iran

    We all have stress in this modern world and in our routine life days, so we are looking for solutions to reduce these stress. The tea and coffee based on  a medical and scientific research are good ones for dealing with these stress and a cup of any of these is a good way for […]

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    travel customs in Iran

    Travel is always an enjoyable part of our life .Going and visiting the astonishing differences of the world, beauties and having good memories could be another good point of traveling. Each person has/his own reason for travel such as business, pilgrimage, leisure and etc; but all have common effect on one’s life and it is […]

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    park-dolphin.Iran blog.Iran tour.Dolphin
    Mankind’s kind and clever friend

    Mankind’s kind and clever friend Dolphin Mankind’s kind and clever friend Dolphins have for long been recognized as mankind’s friend in the legends and myths of different nations. Their figures are carved on stones. Greek ancient coins signify a man (god) riding over a dolphin. In Iranian culture, dolphins are seen beside shells, pearls and […]

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    Iran travel agency & Iran local  tour operator
    Peace Making Alleys

    In today’s modern world, development in technology has made our life a better facilitated one, but wherever we are in this vast great world, we need a moment to get out of this fast time machine in order to seek out our childhood good memories and peaceful traditional moments, remember our old houses and memories […]

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    Iran nuclear deal and the future of tourism,Iran tour
    Iran nuclear deal and the future of tourism

     You may have heard a lot of news about nuclear negotiation between Iran and 5+1 assembly. The result of this negotiation and the decisions that are made by political heads will take care of Iranians’ fortune and perhaps the future of many countries all around the world. Presumably history will judge the final decision!!! However, […]

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