Gogad Citadel


This citadel is the second clay citadel in Iran which is located between Kashan and Isfahan. This construction which is nowadays known as one of the most beautiful traditional inns was previously used for different purposes. This construction was used as an inn when the country was in peace, and whenever there was war it was utilized as a citadel. This citadel which is located in silky way has incomparable architectural design. In the past there were holes designed in its walls that worked as alerting system. In every hole they put a pigeon as to make noise when strangers or invaders approached the citadel. You will have a great feeling when you see the beautiful yard of this citadel. The yard is surrounded by different kinds of trees, and in the middle of it there is a pool which is designed by turquoise tiles. All around the yard there are several rooms looking at which you feel as if you have traveled in time. You can even settle in a construction which goes back to 400 years ago.

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