Pasargadae Nomad Camp


In the Warm Arm of Persian Nomads, Far from the Busy Cities

Spending a day in Parsi Nomadic Life Style, is a not to miss in Iran traveling plan. The memory of meeting village people mixing with Historical atmosphere of Pasargadae, will remain in our mind forever.

Involving with Persian Nomad life is a fascinating experience with no doubt! The time that we wake up with the sunrise and start a sunny day where the clear weather shows the blue sky and a slight wind blows on our face. After tasting the fresh Nomadic Breakfast, we walk to the tomb of Cyrus and there we’ll listen to the Biography of Cyrus the great. Cyrus Peaceful Manner and Victories is worldwide known, but there is still a lot to hear about this Great Persian King.

We’ll take the warp and woof in our hand and learn the Carpet weaving. Then a delicious lunch will give us the power to walk in the King roads made by Darius (II). This Ancient royal road was the passage in a handmade valley for the Achaemenid royal families and armies to ride to Persepolis. When we walk through this historical path, all around us is filled with the Pistacia Atlantica. This wild Pistachio is very healthy and nomads turn it into pickle and use it in the Persian stew. The sun starts to set and we walk back to our local home or our Nomadic black tent, stepping by the green or golden wheat fields. Under the dark sky full of shiny stars, we’ll drink a Zoghali Tea and finish our day relaxing next to the warm Fire.

Pasargadae was not only the first Achaemenid Capital but also the first Persian Garden and is named as UNESCO world heritage site. Where the Cyrus established his dynasty and Darius II held his crowning ceremony. This complex consists of Cyrus Mausoleum, the Private and Audience Palaces, a Caravanserai and an Army State called Tale Takht.

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