Best of Iran 7 to 14 day holiday packages 2020 / 2021 offers

Iran Tour for Solo Female Travelers
Cultural tours

Women Only-Solo Iran Tour

Tehran > Qeshm > Shiraz > Abarkuh > Yazd > Isfahan > Kashan
Traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler has its own risks and challenges. We are here to help you choose the best options for your solo Persian journey.


Iran Tour for Austrians

Austria is a peaceful country with nice residents and Iran-Austria relation has been always friendly. Here is a tour based on Austrian special interests.

Budget Friendly

A Kid-Friendly IRAN Tour for Families

This is an Iran family tour with kids in traditional and non-traditional routes for both first-time and second-time Iran travelers. 

Budget Friendly

Iran Escorted Tour for US citizens

This tour is specially organized for British, American and Canadian Clients who seek Escorted Iran Tour package with qualified services for the 2020-2021 holidays.

Group Tour

Iran Round Trip

A Different Experience of Traveling to Iran! Exploring the desert, Trying Persian Culinary course and


Golden Triangle Iran Tour

This round trip starts from Shiraz and ends in Isfahan and includes three must-see Iran destinations.


Iran All Inclusive Tour 12+1-Day Persia Journey

Tehran > Shiraz > Mahan > Kerman > Yazd > Kerman > Isfahan > Kashan > IKIA
All-Inclusive tour is a good way to visit small towns where there may be a lack of facilities and people can’t speak English well.

City trips

8 Days Summer Vacation in Iran

Iran is a four-season country and we have a special tour offer for your summertime. This 8-Day tour is our suggestion for those who like to discover Iran in the summer. It’s a combination of nature, culture and historical places.

iran tour.shemshak skii

7-Day Tochal and Shemshak Ski Tour

This is a special tour in tow different ski zones to experience skiing at one of the highest ski resorts called Tochal and Dizin International Ski Resort.

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