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Exotic Honeymoon in Iran

Tehran > Kashan > Isfahan > Shiraz > Kish

Iran Honeymoon Tour is one of the most memorable travels in each person’s life because it is not repeatable. More couples are looking for new destinations with unique nature and calm atmosphere as their honeymoon trip. If you have same interest, we have a special Honeymoon tour package for you. Iran is a four-season country with many unique natural places and it is full of attractions. We have two Honeymoon tour packages as 6 and 8 days tour. In both tour services, we try to provide special services that make your tour impressive with best tour offer rate.


Iran Tour from India

shiraz > Isfahan > Kashan > Tehran
The peoples of India and Iran always have friendly relation with each other and always have common experience of travel.The rich history of the two countries,Memorials,Architecture,Art and Cultural similarities make them close to each’s an honor to host many Indian friends in their own home . We offer a 7-day tour that is based on our experiences of recent years.This Tour covers all highlights of Iran and have special meeting with Iranian chef in her home to experience lifestyle of Iranian and make new friends.It’s suggestion and you will free to choose another attraction of Iran as ski,Nomad,Eco or Desert itinerary.


7-Day Dizin Ski Tour

Tehran > Dizin > Tehran
Dizin is one of the larger Iranian ski resorts in the Alborz mountain range, near Tehran is 45 miles of Tehran . The ski season in it lasts longer than in European ski resorts, from December to May, because of the resort’s high altitude.

iran tour.shemshak skii

7-Day Tochal and Shemshak Ski Tour

Tehran > Shemshak > tehran
Shemshak that is is a ski resort situated to the north-east of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range situated just about 55 minutes drive from Tehran and is the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin, It includes two ski lifts, three dish teleskis and two Hammer teleskis. The slopes lie at an altitude of 2550m to 3050m above sea level. The resort includes two main slopes each with a chair lift that apex at the top and several lifts. There are also lighting facilities for night skiing.