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One of the main cities in Iran, which is lately enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site, is Yazd! The city of Wind Catchers! The ancient city of Yazd is located almost in the centre of Persia and near to loot desert, because of its warm and dried status, its home to so many Persian Qanat, Salty Deserts, Wind Towers, Unique House Architecture and Hospitable People. Yazd is a must city to visit in Iran.

Stay with us to have a look at the daily tour and excursion in Yazd. FriendlyIran tour operators arrange last minute city tour of Yazd with the well planned daily visits.

This daily guide itinerary is the best day by day tour for backpackers and independent travellers who like to book day tours in Yazd. Based on Travellers interest, you can Tailor Make your Tour to Yazd.


Entrance fees for Yazd Attractions: 5 Euro (per person)

If you happened to be in Yazd around 30th of Jan, you’ll have the chance to attend in the ancient Persian ceremony called the Sadeh Festival.

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Day 1:

Our daily trip to Yazd starts with visiting Amir Chakhmaq Square, the main square of Yazd is located in the centre of Yazd. Amir Chakhmaq complex including a mosque, bath, caravanserai and bazaar is mostly famous for its main square. Yazd Water Museum is our next destination. Water used to be a symbol of fertility and life in Iran and due to its infrequency in the desert area, it was highly respected. From Water Museum we’ll walk toward Khan Bazar in Yazd. This Bazaar which is next to the other Khan Complex, such as Hosseinieh, bath and Ice-house is the widest Bazaar in Yazd where you can find original and best patterned Iranian Termeh.

Where to have lunch in Yazd Old Part?  Malek o Tojar traditional house is a Hotel-Restaurant which is a nice place to stay and also have meals.

After lunch, we can take a taxi and visit the Shish Badgir Ab Anbar, an Icehouse with six wind towers and Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the holy place to worship the Fire.

Day 2:

Today, in Fahadan lovely region, visiting the historical part and texture of city. After visiting Lariha house, a sample of royal house with Yazdi house – architecture, we can visit the House of Artists and have a Coffee there. From the roof of Honarmandan House, you’ll find a lovely landscape of Yazd old city. Then walking to the west side, we’ll visit the Alexander Prison, which is actually Ziyaeieh school made in Mongol era and in the evening visiting Jameh mosque in Yazd, the tiling and minarets of this mosque have worldwide fame.

Walking in Fahadan old part, you can visit Fahadan Museum-Hotel.

Day 3:

Dolat Abad Garden, with the world’s tallest wind-tower, is the best place to visit in the morning. In Yazd desert area, the existence of such garden with old trees is pretty amazing. After Dolat Abad Garden,

Where to eat in Yazd? Khane- Dohad is one of the best restaurants in Yazd with traditional dishes, we’ll have some lunch there.

We can take a taxi or hire a driver-guide to visit the Dakhma, tower of silence! Where Zoroastrians used to bury their corpse.

We will have a traditional Persian night, with local people, listening to old persian tales and pieces of musics, having a Yazdi Traditional Meal and getting to know about Yazd culture.

Day 4:

We’ll have an out-town drive to Nain city. On the way we’ll visit Zarch Qanat, the longest Kariz in the world. Then we’ll keep driving to Nain, visiting Naein Jameh Mosque which was one of the first Mosques in Iran.

Where to eat in Nain city near Esfahan? Nain Guesthouse is the best public place in Nain that we can order our meal. We can also have meal in local houses with Nain Families.

After lunch we will visit Pirnia House, walk in the Nain city and maybe step by in Mashkenan village, passing by the tiny alleys and fruit gardens. Accommodation in Nain Guesthouse

Day 5:

Today we’ll have another short drive to Meybod, visiting Narin Castle and the Icehouse. Walking through Meybod city and visiting Chak Chak holy fire temple. We’ll get to know the Zoroastrian manner of worshipping fire.

For lunch we can either go to the Shah Abbasi Caravansarai or Haj Malek hotel restaurant.

In the afternoon we’ll visit the cotton weaving factory in Meybod.

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