Iran culinary tour

To give you a taste of what is awaiting you in Iran, we have complied a collection of pictures that take you to different corners of the country and acquaint your eyes with unique images of Iran. So, come along for this unforgettable journey.

Iran culinary tour Persian cuisine has one of the most complete ingredients. Stews and Kababs are well known Persian dishes that Iranian chefs have cooked for hundreds of years. Every meal for Iranians is an opportunity for whole family get together and chat. One of the most different and interesting things of Iranian food is different taste of it that can be easily recognized by influence of spices that have remained in the cuisine since the days of past that spicy road has been the second road of business road of Iran after Silk road. Another difference in the Iranian way of cooking is time of the cooking. Diversity of food is great in different cities of Iran and Iranian traditional food is even more interesting for Iranians and the tourists. Every traditional Iranian food has a story behind it that could make your trip more adventurous. If you love cooking and like to learn the recipes of Iranian food  ,we can give you the opportunity to experience this. You can buy ingredients in local bazaar ,then a local chef will show you how to cook these dishes in addition to how they serve the food locally. A touch their life.

Day1:Arrival to Shiraz

Arrive to Shiraz ,Transfer to hotel ,city tour to visit the  Traditional restaurant with Local menu,Fruit Bazaar and city to taste of some traditional sweet of Shiraz as Falodeh that is a famous dessert and the best of it belong to this city , Zand complex, tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi,Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine.Overnight Shiraz


In second day ,we will have a  meeting with one of the chef of this city with a chance share his/her experience and to cook the one of the famous local dish of city as Kalampolo and city tour to visit some highlight of it. Eram Garden, Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine.Overnight Shiraz


Drive to Sepidan(Rural villa )to experience Local life and stay with a local family to touch their daily life and especially the local food of this region.Overnight Sepidan


Drive to Isfahan, City tour to visit some highlight of this city that includes Traditional Bazar, Visiting Sio –Se- pol at night which has a beautiful view.Overnight Isfahan


City tour of Isfahan ,to visit local food Bazaar to try some especial item of Isfahan as Gaz and Brioni, go to traditional local restaurant and taste it, Imam complex(Bazaar, A’li Qapu ,Imam mosque ,Sheikhlotfolah Mosque),Vank Cathedral, Hasht-Behesht,Overnight Isfahan


Drive to Yazd ,city tour to visit Local fruit Bazaar , Traditional Restaurant to taste of local dish of this city , Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, Mirchakhmakh, Fire Temple.Overnight Yazd


Drive to Kashan,city tour to visit .Local fruit Bazaar,Taste local food by local family,Fin garden , Tapeh sialk,Overnight Kashan


Drive to Rasht ,transfer to hotel and have a chance to visit One of local chief and have culinary class.Overnight Rasht


 city tour of Rasht to visit  Daily and fruit Bazaar, the North of Iran has different taste of food you will find most sea food with especial recipe of cook you will have taste variety of different dish and have find information about the recipe of them.  some highlight of this city . of beautiful nature.Overnight Rasht


 Drive to Tehran, to visit Modern type of Iranian food that combination of modern and traditional and I recommended don’t miss try Kabab. you can compare variety menu of all city of Iran. Tehran is capital of Iran and modern city you can meet with some chef and menu of different restaurant . Fruit bazaar and some highlight of this city. Archaeological Glass and Carpet museums. Jewelry museum(please notice that we have limitation on visiting time for this )


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Iran culinary tour
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Iran culinary tour
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