Iran Traditional Lodges and Persian Boutique Houses

To feel the real Persian life, give it a try to stay in Iranian home stays, Traditional houses, Eco-lodges, Desert or Nomad camps, Eco resorts, Cozy hostels and Boutique hotels. The services of these hotels might be simple but the stylish decorate and homey atmosphere will make a memorable experience for all tourists. The charming experience of ecolodge stays are popular trend in the world of travel and tourism and have been known as great alternatives to hotels for the people who are seeking different cultural experiences in the rich history of Persia.


Lots of distinguished reasons make these kinds of licensed lodging more attracting than modern hotels in Iran. The first and most important point is the local home-cooked food. The diversity of Persian cuisine is one of the reasons of Iran return visits, these night spots help you tasting some different Persian traditional culinary in the same Iran Package tour.

Experiencing the local life of people is another aspect of spending a night in traditional lodgings. You will have the chance of learning about cultures and subcultures of the specific region. You are a guest not a client, so in addition to receiving personalized qualified services you will spend a lovely night in a friendly place with nice people and unique architecture, also these kinds of accommodation are mostly cheaper than standard hotels. Above all we talked about; Local Houses are a best practice for Eco-tourism. Guidelines such as generating income for the local people and the use of organic ingredients are the most tangible aspects of these lodges toward ecotourism.