Applying Iran visa for Indian travelers is a trouble-free process that can take place right at airport or in advance before the entry to Iran.

All Indian passport holders require Iran visa to enter main land Iran for all kinds of purposes like entry, transit, tourist, business intentions and etc.


The most common type of Iran-visa for Indians:

There are three frequent Iran visa types that are popular by Indian visitors;

  • Iran Tourist Visa:
    One of the most recommended visa for tourists who plan to spend a holiday in Iran and visit the highlights! All you need to do for Iran Tourist visa is to get the visa grant notice by Friendly Iran travel agency and then have your paper visa at Iran embassy or international airports.

Documents needed for Iran visa grant notice:

  • Iran Visa Application Form
  • A Scan of passport (The passport should be at least 6 month valid after date of Entry)
  • A personal photo with white background

How much time does it take to get Iran travel permit for Indians?

It takes 7-10 working days to receive the visa grant notice and about 7 working days to have your visa stamped on passport or get Iran paper visa.


  • Iran Business Visa:
    Iranian and Indians have a long history of business cooperation and trades which is still one of the main bonds between these two nations. Annually thousands of Indians take a business trip to Iran in order to build a new contract with Persian companies or follow up new business ideas with their business parties.

So, the business visa is also frequently requested by Indians.  The documents needed to apply for Iran business visa are:

  • Passport (Validity: at least 6 month after entry date)
  • A personal Photo (White color back ground)
  • Business visa application form
  • Visa stamp fee and Visa service fee 
  • The registered name of the host Company (Must be registered in Iran Company Registration General Office)
  • Registration Number of the host company
  •  The Subject of the invitation
  • Address and contact number of the host company
  • Address and contact number of the manager’s home
  • Scan the official journal or newspaper of the host company
  • A scan of Host Company invitation letter with official letterhead, seal and signature
  • A scan of the birth certificate of the host company manager


If you don’t have a host, we will follow up your business invitation letter from a relevant Iranian company.

  • VOA – Iran Visa on Arrival:
    This is a great opportunity to receive your Iran paper visa at airport if you have shortage of time. This way you need to get the visa grant notice (tracking code) in advance, you fly to Iran and then you can pay the visa stamp fee and receive paper Visa at all International airports in Iran.


How much does Iran visa cost for Indians?

Iran tourist visa price is 15 Euro for visa application, plus 60 Euro equal to 5100 Indian Rupee as visa stamp fee.  (Urgent visa stamping fee at Iran embassy is 90 Euro equal to 7650 Indian Rupee.)

Iran business visa fee and entry visa fee is: 85 Euro for business application, plus 70 Euro equal to 5950 Rupee as the business visa stamp fee. (Urgent entry /business visa stamping fee at Iran embassy is 105 Euro equal to 8925 Indian Rupee.)



Iran embassy in India – Iran Embassy in Delhi contact number:

Call: +91 11 4247 7786

Website: Islamic Republic of Iran, New Delhi


Address: 5, Barakhamba Rd, Vakil Lane, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India.

Working hours: Saturday to Friday 8:30 to 13:30


Is your travel to Iran a threat to your future travel to America/ US? Not at all!

You can travel to Iran with No Track! It’s true!

You can have Iran paper visa which will leave no sign at your passport that you have been in Iran.

23 September 2018, Iran ministry of Foreign affairs announcement regarding paper visa, click to see the News.


What type of Iran Visa is required for UK-Indians? Canadian-Indians? American-Indians?

By the time of travelling to Iran, if you have Indian passport valid for at least 6 month, you can travel to Iran as an Indian passport holder.

Having other passports like UK, US or Canadian or flying to Iran from either of these countries shall be no problem.

The nationality of your passport matters. If your Indian passport has not the essential validity or you don’t have Indian passport, you will be considered by the nationality of your other passport.

Check out Iran Visa for US, UK and Canadian Passport Holders the Ultimate Guide.


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