The visa process for some nationalities like American , British and Canadian passport holders is different from others but not impossible. 

How to get visa as US/UK/Canada Citizen?

  1. Find Valid Iranian Travel Agency in Iran to apply for your visa. (Friendly Iran )

2.Finalize your Iran tour itinerary

Arrival and Departure dates, Daily Tour Attractions, Accommodation and Tour guide should be fixed to apply for visa.

  1. Fill it out Visa Application form

You should upload:

  1. Scan of Passport; Only First page, Good Quality with clear numbers, picture and words, must be valid up to 6 month after arrival date
  2. Scan of personal photo; official photo with white background (Women don’t need to cover their hear)
  3. Send us a resume of your studies and jobs

The name and location of Schools/Universities, period of time, Study major should be in the resume of study

The name and location of Job companies, period of time, duty details should be in the resume of jobs

With the assist of an Iranian local travel agency you can apply for the visa and submit your Iran visa at Iranian MFA (Ministry of foreign affairs).

How long does it take to get Iran Visa Authorization Code?

20 – 45 Days takes to get Iran visa tracking code for United States/ Canadian/British passport holders.  

In April 2018, we have got some visa grant notice for American passport holders only in 15 days.

How long does it take to get Iran Visa Authorization Code?

1 to 30 days takes to have your Iran visa stamped. It depends on the Embassy.

In the US you can do the stamping process via post by interest section of Iran at Pakistan embassy in Washington DC.

Normally it takes 15-20 days.

To stamp your Iran visa urgently you can fasten the process with a charge of 58 USD, all its take is 3 to 10 days. 

If you go there in person before 11 am, you’ll have your visa in 1 day.

Where can I stamp Iran visa as an American?

All travelers can stamp their Iran visa at any Iran embassy in the world.

Can I travel to Iran as US citizens? Is it safe to travel to Iran as an American? Can US citizen travel to Iran?

We asked some of our friends to write us about their experience in Iran safety:

  • Mark (Traveled to Iran in April 2018)

Having been here for one week , I have felt very safe , the people are friendly and welcoming.

  • Julia (Traveled to Iran in Octoberr 2017)

I have never felt unsafe while traveling in Iran. People are very friendly and helpful. But this is just my impression. I cannot say anything about the general political situation. But I guess for a western tourist the situation might be safe even in uncertain times.

  • Susana (Traveled to Iran in September 2017)

Dear Setareh
Concerning what you requested , you can tell your friend that I had the most wonderful impression and memories of Iran, so touching that made me return again and again to explore the different regions of the country. I have traveled alone and with another friend in different times. Always women and we never felt any kind of unsafety ….on the contrary, we were always treated in a very friendly, reliable and respectful way. The country has a great touristic potential that is a never ending discovery. Historically is very rich, the patrimony is incredible, the nature is in many places unique . The food is really tasty. The historical and traditional hotels are a charm. I recommend Iran to everybody and to be honest words mean nothing, so better to witness by herself. I am sure she will love it. All the people that i know that traveled to Iran just loved it.
Wish you the best….just one more thing…..Iran has great guides very skilled in languages …..

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Iran Visa Process For  American / British/ Canadian citizens
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