Iran visa story by Olivia


Iran is totally worth the effort.

Salam This is Olevia.Last year, my friend and I decided to travel to Iran. The most important thing in this decision was taking Iranian Visa.Before starting our journey, we gathered a lot of information through doing so much research which we would like to share them with you.

First of all, you should know that taking Iranian Visa requires different procedures based on variety of your nationalities:

1-If you are from any of these seven countries, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic, Bolivia, Egypt, and Georgia, You can enter Iran without Visa and only with a credible passport. 

2-If you are not American ,British and Canadian there are several ways through which you can get Iran’s visa

  •  Visa On Arrival(VOA):The First way is to land in Iran and take the entrance signet right in the airport. This type of visa is known as Airport Visa
  • Touristy Visa:In another way, if you want to be sure about taking your visa easily, you can contact Iranian Travel agency before boarding through their websites. After you have found a credible Travel agency, you can ask them for Iranian Visa online. In this stage, the agencies will ask you to send them a copy of your passport which has at least six months of credibility. You should also fill it out application form in their websites. Next, the agencies will send your request to Iran’s ambassadorship(MFA) which is located in Tehran. Your request for Visa number will be replied in 6 to 10 official work days, unless you are from America ,British or Canada which will require you to wait at least for 30 workdays. Travel agencies will send you ,your authorization number and after 3 days you can visit Iran’s embassy in your country and take your entrance signet, presenting your ID card, your passport, and two of your facial pictures. In this method you are capable of taking your entrance signet from any country which has Iranian ambassadorship, or from 5 main airports inside of Iran(Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad in Tehran,Airports of Shiraz,Isfahan and Mashhad). That is how you can enter Iran with confident and a good schedule for your journey.

3_American visa:We are from America and we had heard that our travel to Iran will go through a hard process; however, it didn’t happen and with the help of good friends that we made in Iran we could get our visa simply and experienced one of our most memorable journeys in Iran. If you are American,British or Canadian and you want to get Iranian visa, you have to contact travel agencies which specifically work on preparing visa for Americans. The agencies require your specified travel schedule and flight data other than your passport copy. That is to say, you have got to choose a full package in the agency by which it will guide that follow you through your journey . It is exactly different from the hard process that we mentioned before. In fact the guide is like a friend for you who is always beside you in your journey. After about 30 to 40 workdays, which didn’t take us more than 25 days, the agency sent us our visa number and we took it to Iran’s ambassadorship which is located in Washington DC. There, we took our entrance signet to Iran. About 90 percent of people who request Iranian touristic Visa will be accepted in Iran’s ambassadorship. Journalists, military people and photographers must try other procedures with other conditions in order to take Iranian visa. 

iran visa story by olivia
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