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International Iran Airports are offering calm flights from most of the world’s big cities via Turkish Airline, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Iran Air, Mahan Air and some other airlines. These flights would land in international airports like IKIA in Tehran, the capital and also international airports in Shiraz , Isfahan , Tabriz , Mashhad and etc.

 International Iran Main Airports List

Location served ICAO IATA Airport name
Ahvaz OIAW AWZ Ahvaz International Airport
Bandar Abbas OIKB BND Bandar Abbas International Airport
Isfahan OIFM IFN Isfahan International Airport (Shahid Beheshti International)
Kish Island OIBK KIH Kish International Airport
Larestan OISL LRR Larestan International Airport
Mashhad OIMM MHD Mashhad International Airport (Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport)
Qeshm Island OIKQ GSM Dayrestan Airport
Shiraz OISS SYZ Shiraz International Airport (Shahid Dastghaib International)
Tabriz OITT TBZ Tabriz International Airport
Tehran OIIE IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport
Tehran OIII THR Mehrabad International Airport

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