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And also you can choose special traditional houses

Hotel and accommodation will have a direct impact on satisfaction of travelers to any country, so we would like to share our experience with you to have memorable time in our country in order to save money and be safe in mind by a guaranteed voucher for any hotel price.
You will come up  different hotel lists in travel to Iran. Besides modern hotels that like all hotel standards in the world like hotels in Tehran, in some old cities like Kashan and Yazd, you can experience different travel accommodations in Traditional Houses that turned to hotels with modern facilities.
In other highlight cities like Isfahan and Shiraz ,you can find both modern and boutique hostels. In recent years, the number of hotels that have joined online reservation systems is on the rise but not all of them. Our suggestion is to book through a reliable travel agencies, due to some reservations are  still done manually in Iran and if you book through travel agency you will have valid voucher to solve your problem in the shortest time  possible and tour operators in the agency are available 24 hours.
The majority of hotels in  Iran have Wi_Fi facility and  staff are very welcoming and can speak English. Honestly, in some cities the stars of Iran`s Hotels are not the same as world standard. In friendlyiran we have recommended a list of Hotels in main cities based on our several experiences and is based on feedback of travelers. Also you can contact with us  in high season of Iran that Hotels are booked months in advance and are not available, because we have charter hotels in some cities. Iran hotel lists are provided by our team in the links to our website pages.

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Please let us know if you have any question about hotel prices and Hotels in Iran: or book directly from book form that is available on page of our Hotels.

You can refer to the hotel box on our website if you look for information about the services of every individual hotel such as Wi-Fi, parking lot, restaurant, swimming pool, spa, etc.

 How to book hotel rooms in Iran?

 You can very easily and quickly find a hotel if you read and follow our suggestions of hotel lists in Iran and book hotels in Iran which have reasonable or cheap prices.

 Is breakfast or dinner included in our daily hotel services?

Breakfast is included in all of our hotels, but you should pay for lunch or dinner.  

 What is the cancellation rate in case you decide to cancel your reservation?

 Only 30% of your money will be subtracted in case you cancel your booking.

Iran Hotels and Travel Accommodations in Iran
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