Iran Culinary & Food Tour Packages

Participating in Persian culinary courses or Iran food tours can open a gate of a different aspect of the Persian lifestyle. It’ll be fun and joyful, and for sure, after such cooking programs, you’ll take cooking recipes, pieces of advice, and ideas.

Traditional Iran gastronomy includes different numbers of cuisine in a different region. The cooking culture is specialized based on the nutrition resources in and around cities. Of course, religion and history play a significant role in Persian gastronomy all over Iran.

Moreover, food and cuisine are two of the most important criteria to have a good trip! For sure, having good energy and healthy eating, boost your good mood!

Here are the Top Culinary Vacations and Food Tours in Iran:

🍽️ 6 Breakfasts at the hotel/ 6 Lunch and 6 Dinner at Nice Persian Restaurant
from:  $1368
🍽️ 8 Breakfast
from:  $1398
from:  $95
🍽️ 8 Breakfasts at the hotel
from:  $1345

Iran Food Tours FAQ:

You will have your Iranian cuisine course with an English speaking chef, or a person will translate the Persian speaking chef. Based on the city, where you want to do the culinary class, we will provide you with the option which is closer to your needs.

You can have a food tour in Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, and Rasht.

Culinary with nomads, in villages and other cities, can be arranged based on time. 

Based on your preference, the food tour can last for 7 to 3 hours!

Three hours of cooking class: The Ingredients and dessert will be prepared before your arrival, the meat will be half-cooked! You will join the chef to make the food in the final hour, help in designing, and serve the meal.

Five hours culinary course: For sure, you will be present and participating in all parts of cooking and making desert, designing, and have extra time to discuss Iranian cuisine and food culture.

Seven hours culinary course: This is the most fun course, since it begins with a short walk in grocery shops, buying the ingredients with chef and knowing more about spices and vegetables, etc! Then the day will be continued with cooking, making desert, and serving. Indeed, you can discuss Iranian food culture and Persian cuisine.

Note: In all kinds, you will have the recipe and explanation of how to cook.

If you are a foodie person and you intend to have a Persian culinary course, you don’t need to be worried about your children and kid!

We have culinary courses that are family-based, and it’ll be in a cozy home. So the host will help you to take care of your child, and you can learn the Persian cooking with peace of mind.

Note: Please note the host does that to be hospitable and helpful. Taking care of children should not be considered as host duty.

Every day more people in the world decide to be vegetarian. However, Persian gastronomy and food culture are mostly meat or chicken-based; we have traditional Iranian vegetarian food as well! While you are planning to have a food course, let us know about your diet, and we will advise you to have the best Persian culinary tour.

Since we’ve been asked “how vegan and vegetarian people travel in Iran?” and “can I find vegan and vegetarian food in Iran?” here is the answer:

Is Iran Vegetarian friendly? Somehow!

There is some traditional vegetarian food in Iran, like “Kashke Bademjan, Mirza ghasemi, Ashe Reshteh…” and there are vegetarian-friendly restaurants in big cities like Tehran, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. Small towns and mostly non-touristic areas are not familiar with a vegetarian diet, and before ordering any meal, you should make sure the person is familiar, or you need to explain it.

Is Iran Vegan friendly? Not really!

If you are a vegan and want to travel to Iran, it’s best to have pre-made vegan food and cook it yourself. Not all supermarkets in Iran have vegan-friendly food, and you can find them in hypermarkets in big cities! Overall it’s better to discuss it with your travel advisor in

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