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Cheap Flights to IRAN - Domestic & Interanatinal Iran Flights

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Booking a domestic flight from outside the country wasn’t easy due to sanctions against Iran, at friendlyiran we have tried to help the foreign  travelers with preapring online booking. You can book almost all Iranian domestic flights with a Master or Visa Card.


Iran Domestic Flights Popular Routes

Tehran to Shiraz

Shiraz to Tehran

Tehran to Mashhad

Tehran to Isfahan

Tehran to Kerman

Tehran to Kish

You can buy domestic flights to different cities online by your MasterCard or Visa Card.  There are many available options for famous routes such as Tehran to Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish island, Kerman or Yazd, so check all the availabilities first and choose the best one which suits your trip. 

Travel agencies are the best choice to ask for help, they can book your flight fast and easy and send you the required details.


There are 3 flight classes; economy, first class and also business class. Most of the domestic flights in Iran are in the category of economy class. In addition to the type of cabin, the time of booking the ticket also affects your ticket class. The ticket class is important when you want to cancel your domestic flight or change its date.

The baggage allowance differs based on the airline and your class ticket. Mostly it is allowed to carry one check-in luggage and one cabin luggage. The Check-in baggage weight and dimensions should not exceed 20 Kg and 158 cm and the Cabin luggage (handbag) should be of 23cm x 40cm x 55cm size with maximum weight of 5-7 Kg. Do not forget to check it out when you choose your flight.

No, there is no need to reconfirm your Iran domestic flight. Just check the details and be sure about them.

Be sure to arrive at the airport at least one hour before the flight time.

Changing the date or cancelling the domestic ticket is possible if your ticket is not non-refundable. Just some of the System tickets are refundable and you can make changes with paying the penalty fee. The changes are just possible when you want to book another ticket from the same airline. Since the rules differ from one airline to another, keep in mind to check the details first and then change your itinerary.

We have experienced flight crashes in Iran like many other destinations all around the world. Some of the airplanes working in different routes are old and this is the reason the people think it wouldn’t be wise to get around by air during an Iran trip. To be honest, the first part is true and due to the sanctions and many other details about Iran’s international relationship (foreign affairs!) there are difficulties about buying airplanes and importing the required pieces. Although if we look exactly at the numbers and check out the accidents and crashes during the past 40 years, the safety of flying over Iran with Iranian domestic flights shows itself very well. When you are choosing your domestic flight, you can also check the aircraft type and book the new ones.

There are many international airlines that operates flights to Iran such as Turkish airlines, Emirate, Qatari airlines, Aeroflot, and etc.

The Iranian airlines are also available and mostly operate flights with better rates. Mahan Air and Iran Air are the most famous ones.

Yes, Turkish airlines fly to Iran and it is one of the best options of traveling to Iran because of the different spots of landing. Iran is a big country and it would be wise to land in a city and depart from another city located 1000 km away, Turkish airlines is the best possible option for having such open jaw itineraries.

Yes, of course. Many US citizens have traveled to Iran during past years. The rules and details of their travels are clear and the agencies are available to help them customizing their Iran visit. Between 20,000 tourists have visited Iran from the united states of America during 2014-2018.

domestic flight network in Iran

Domestic Flights in Iran

Iran is a vast land with various attractions spreading all over the country, for visiting different cities and attractions located far from each other, domestic flights are the key. The flight network in Iran is extensive and you can reach remote places using domestic flights; there are more than 300 airlines .

 Most of the foreign travelers visit more than 3 cities in Iran, so besides enjoying the route, unpredictable stops and the specific nature while driving short distances of 2-5 hours, Domestic flights can save your time and avoid the really long drives. Clearly a domestic flight would increase the costs of your Iran tour but in most of the cases the time it saves will reduce the cost and as the Iranian domestic flights are mostly affordable, the probable extra cost wouldn’t be much.

If you choose to add domestic flights to your Iran Tour, consider the delays that may occur and also the time you need to get on board and spend in security checkpoints. The flight delay in Iran happens sometimes and the margin should be always kept, although don’t forget to be at the airport one hour before the flight time.

There are two different kinds of domestic flights in Iran, the first one is “System ticket” refers to scheduled flights which are refundable and the rate of the flight differs for children and adults. The second kind is called “Chartered ticket” which is mostly cheaper than the system flight but there are two highlighted differences, they are non-refundable and the rate is the same for different ages.

Iranian Airlines

In addition to known one such as Iran Air and Mahan Air which spread the biggest network of flights almost all over the country, you can find many other airlines in Iran operating domestic and sometime international flights for different routes. You can see a list of them bellow:


International Flights to Iran


There are different airlines which operate flights to/from Iranian cities mostly from the capital, Tehran. The most famous Iranian flights are Iran Air and Mahan Air, operating direct flights to different Asian and European countries with an affordable rate. The international choices are a lot more and the known airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways operates flights to Iran different cities.

Different websites such as flightconnections shows the different options for traveling directly to Iran and others such as Skyscanner and Wego offer the best, cheapest, or fastest flights to Iran from hundreds of airlines.

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