Iran as a land of dynamic architecture, distinctive history, and particular culture combined with variant nature, welcomes guests in various kinds of homestay, boutique hotels, and traditional hotels. Accommodations in Iran is offering enough to fulfill the satisfaction of most demanding visitors.

Top 10 Hotels in the Most Popular Cities of Iran:

General Guide for Iran Hotel Booking:

Where to stay in Iran? When to book hotels? What to expect from hotels in Iran?

Here you will find a brief summery of the types of accommodation that you can book, the Luxury, standard, and budget hotel room prices and even more the cheapest deal season and booking time! 

Consult with Friendly Iran hotel advisor to have more specific information, get hot deals, best room category and help yourself with a fantastic stay!

Online Hotel Booking: How can I book my room online?

Despite all sanctions limiting bank transfer and online payments to Iran, you can still proceed with your Flight/hotel online booking with us. The best deals on hotels, cheapest vs. luxury accommodation, easy payment with Visa/ master cards, and free consultation and guide to book rooms online are all a part of FriendlyIran booking services.

Check out the latest hotel offers and book hotels in advance to ensure your accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iran Hotels and Accommodation (FAQ)


1-  Espinas Palace 5* Hotel; it is where celebrities and famous figures go, while they are in Tehran. It is not to mention, the service, view, and staff are beyond the expectation!  

2- Wisteria International 5* Hotel; Made by Canadian and Iranian Hotel professionals and it’s one of the brand hotels of Tehran. The service is excellent and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

3- Hanna Boutique Hotel; In Iran, boutique hotels don’t have a star rating, but if they had Hanna boutique hotel was of course 5*! The contemporary modern art in Hanna hotel mixed with an old house is mesmerizing for those who search for unique hotels.


4- Zandieh 5* hotel; a classy-modern hotel in the city center. Awesome customer service and friendly staff

5- Darbe Shazdeh 5* Hotel; luxury traditional house in Shiraz! To be sure one of the best places you can stay in Shiraz!


6- Abbasi 5* Hotel, or Abbasi Caravanserai; A boutique hotel in the heart of the city, with fabulous architecture! Since the standard rooms are pretty simple, we recommend you to stay only in upgraded rooms!


7- Almas hotel (2) 5* hotel; it has received excellent reviews for all kinds of stay! Whether business or Pilgrim!


8- Kaya Laleh Park 5* Hotel; One of the kaya chain hotels, which is to be an ideal mix of value, comfort, and convenience at a luxury level!


9- Saraye Ameriha Boutique hotel; a historical Persian house with fantastic customer service, location, and facilities.


10-  Dariush 5* Grand Hotel; Amazing design with great service, very close to the Grand Pier and Seashore.

Note: There are no Seven Star Hotel in Iran. The most luxurious hotels in Iran are rated as 5 stars.

Note: There are no Seven Star Hotel in Iran. The most luxurious hotels in Iran are rated as 5 star.

Yes! You can book a room and share accommodation with your girlfriend/boyfriend if you are a non-Iranian passport holder.

However Iranian passport holders must present a marriage certificate to share a double/ twin room.

Here I introduce not the top 20 cheapest hotels in 10 Iran Travel destinations. In this category, we have considered your convenience, tidiness of the room, nice staff, and good location! So if you look for a good stay at the lowest price hotel, you can book a room at the mentioned hotels with peace of mind!

1.Tehran budget hotels

Hafez hotel, Parastoo hotel, Khayam hotel, and Markazi Iranian Hotel are all Tehran budget hotels at low prices and good service.

Hi Tehran hostel is another cheap and best price option to have a sharing room and stay in Dorm in Tehran at a low price. Hi Tehran Hostel is a little far from tourist attractions.

2.Cheap accommodation in Shiraz

Keyvan hotel is maybe the cheapest hotel in Shiraz, locating right next to Karimkhan citadel in the city center. We would highly recommend this budget hotel for anyone who looks for the best priced accommodation in Shiraz.

Nasir almolk hotel is a 2-star hotel, near the city center with good service, neat rooms, and friendly staff.

Bibi hostel locates in the old part among old houses, the staff are friendly and the rooms are clean. Bibi hostel has a dorm and sharing room as well.

3.Isfahan Budget Accommodation

Jame Firouzeh hotel locates right next to Naghshe Jahan square, with a small distance from the square Saraye Ordibehesht Hotel and Iran hostel are located. We highly recommend these 3 cheap hotels to have a good stay in Isfahan.

4.Yazd budget hotels and cheap traditional houses

Kohan Kashaneh traditional house, Jangal hotel, and Noghre traditional hotel offer a cheap stay in Yazd and have very good service.

5. One of the cheapest hotels in Kashan is Khaneh Roz hotel. Which is a nice place to stay in Kashan.

6. Mashhad Budget hotel; there are many cheap hotels in Mashhad but the most budget hotel that we can suggest is Parseh 3* hotel.

7. Nice cheap hotel in Kish; due to the hot and sultry weather in Kish we recommend you stay in 3* hotels or higher level of accommodation. In 3* level, Aramesh hotel is a cheap and budget-friendly choice.

8. Where to stay in Kerman? we recommend Asam Hotel Apartment which is cheap, neat and has very good reviews.

9. Darya hotel is a very cheap and cozy place to stay in Tabriz. However, if you don’t mind to spend for a good accommodation there are better options in Tabriz too.

10. Rasht famous hotels are all 4* and 5*, to book cheap accommodation in Rasht we suggest Saboori Apartment hotel.

Only if you are about to get VOA (visa on arrival) it’s better to have a hotel confirmation.

In other cases that you have Visa Tracking code or Stamped Visa you don’t need Iran hotel voucher.

In only few cases, visitors were asked if they have a hotel voucher/confirmation or a pre-booked tour package.

If you are American, British, or Canadian, the decision of what hotels you want to stay in should be made before visa application. While applying for visa, the local travel agency should state the name of hotels, check-in / check-out dates in the visa request letter.

Only if the mentioned hotels run out of available rooms, there are ways to book another hotel.

FriendlyIran applies for American, British, Canadian passport holders only with payment of visa application cost! You don’t need to book the whole Iran tour package in advance.

Hotel Advisor: How do I choose the Best Hotel?

Finding the best hotel out of excellent reviews and tourist experiences is a safe idea! But sometimes you would lose other options that match your unique interest in accommodations!

Friendly Iran Accommodation consultants are pleased to help you out with How to find the perfect hotels and what makes your stay more special! We are here to talk about your travel habits and introduce hotels that match your taste!

Are you a fan of late-night coffee in open air or night walks? Do you like to have high-speed internet, a desk, and a small terrace? Are you traveling with kids and you like to have space? Or maybe you look for somewhere romantic?

Don’t waste your time in Amenities check-lists, locations, and reviews! Our team does that for you!

Take a break, sit back and relax, while we take care of your travel arrangements. Choose from a range of our tour packages, whether with inclusive flight tickets or without. Our custom-tailored packages guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish.


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