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If you are interesting, we are ready to put a separate page in our website in your language with specific  Iran tour package based on interest of your travelers and present your travel agency as our local partner in your country.

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Thank you to choosing us as your travel partner  by applying your request you start the process of B2B business and you can receive tour packages and travel services deals and all you need to know about commission and relationship  In Friendly Iran, We believe that all the people from all around the world are members of a great family regardless of political and geographical boundaries and we try to offer best quality services with the best tour rate and operate our tour based on the standard quality of the world. There is fact in the tourism industry that Travelers have more trust to their local agencies and it’s a positive point, due to when an agency introduce a local tour operator as it’s b2b partner is mean confirmed the quality of tour operational with international standard and introduce its partner to travelers.  Fortunately, The number of our partners as  Iran tour company in different countries is on the rise.

In Friendly Iran, We  believe that all the people from all around the world are members of a great family regardless of political and geographical boundaries. Travelling can be an excuse for people to get closer to each other from different nations.

Fortunately, nowadays traveling has become one of the people’s priorities in their lives, and people are looking for newer and more attractive places to visit. Having lots of natural, cultural, and historical attractions, Iran can be a good destination choice for these people.

People need guarantee about new places that they choose to travel. Based on 15 years of experience in the industry of travel, we are ready to cooperate with Manager of Travel agency, Bloggers, Tour operators in all around the world to answer your questions about this beautiful country and also ready to operate tailor-made FAM Trips.  It will be a great honor to be your host in Iran.


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