Getting visa for Iran visit in 3 Steps Select Your Nationality from Below Form, Fill in the online application form, pay the visa fee and receive your Iran visa within 2 – 7 business days.


Visa for visit Iran  in  3 Steps

1- Fill Visa Application Form

Fill in the online visa application form 
What You need for apply ?
1) Passport: 2) Photo: 3) Resume (just for Americans, the English and Canadians)

2- Qoute & Pay Visa Service Fee

Recive Your Dedicate Response in under 24 hours and pay the fee start from 15EUR

Receive Code

Receive Iran Visa Application Code via Email from MFA and collect your visa based on your application, VOA or in advance.

Iran visa is like the other countries’ visas but has its formalities. Some of the regulations depend on the passport holder citizenship. Nowadays, the Iran visa is electronic, and it is called Iran E-visa.

What We Should Know before Applying for Iran E-visa

Your Nationality

The first step for starting the Iran visa applying process is considering your nationality. Iran visa different policies according to nationalities:

1) visa-free countries include Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt, China, Makau and Hong Kong

2) visa required countries

  1. visa on arrival countries
  2. visa required in advance countries

Iran Visa Types

These are Iran visa types:

  1. (Type A) Entry Visa or business visa for commercial, economic, cultural or industrial intentions and attending these kinds of conferences or sport events. An invitation letter from the organization you are going to visit is necessary for Commercial visitors.
  2. (Type B) Tourist Visa (single or multiple entry for maximum 30 days): is required to visit Iran as a tourist.
  3. (Type C) Pilgrimage Visa is required to visit the shrines and sacred sights of Iran for foreign Muslim pilgrims.
  4. (Type D and Type S) Diplomatic and Service Visas are required by all nationals who have diplomatic and service passports and are going to travel to Iran on the official or diplomatic mission.
  5. (Type E) Student Visa is required to study in Iran.
  6. (Type F) Work Permit Visa is required for working in Iran. Before applying for this kind of visa, you should hand over your work permit.
  7. (Type G) Transit Visa is required for foreign citizens who are going to pass through Iran to another country.
  8. (Type H) Press Visa is required for the journalists travailing to Iran on business. The application must be submitted to the embassy’s press section.

Friendlyiran team is able to apply for both Iran Tourist Visa and Iran Business visa.

Iran Visa Validity

You can see visa validity on the Iranian visa sticker. You must travel to Iran during the validity of visa and of course exit the country before Iran visa expiration. please mention that it could be extended.


Iran visa Extension

All nationals except Americans, Canadians and the English can extend their Iran visa at the police offices for immigrants and aliens in the cities of Iran. Please mention that the travelers who get their Iran visa stamped at the airport (VOA) cannot extend their visas (we’ve got some reports that some of them could!).

Main Offices for Iran Visa Extension

  • Bandar-e Abbas: Emam Khomeini avenue
  • Isfahan: Rudaki Street. North side of the street
  • Gorgan: Bezehti 4th alley
  • Kerman: close to Ganjali bazaar
  • Mashhad: Kaveh St – Pirouzi Blvd.
  • Sari: Emam Square
  • Shiraz: Modares Boulevard, near Valiye-asr Square
  • Tabriz: Saeb Tabriz Street (between Lalehzar Street and Barg-e Lameh Seyidlar Street)
  • Tehran: Soroush St., After Motahari Junction, Shariati Ave.
  • Yazd: Near Abouzar Sq, Kashani St.

Iran E-visa Requirements

1) Passport:

Passport must be valid for six months and have two blank visa pages, at least.

2) Photo:

photo must meet the following criteria:

  • Be taken within the last three months (a passport type photo)
  • With white background
  • two by two inches size (max 500 KB)
  • with the full-frontal view of head with the face centered in the middle
  • with no eyeglasses nor head-wear except the religious one
  • without any adhesive tape or staples
  • with no smile

3) Resume (just for Americans, the English and Canadians):

  • Resume containing information about education, occupation and contacting (for Americans, the English and Canadians)

Step by Step How to Get Iran Visa Process

Step 1) Fill and Send the Visa Application Form

In the first step you should fill out the visa application form and attach your documents.

Step 2) Applying for Iran Visa Tracking Code

Visa tracking code also known as authorization numberapplication IDIran grant noticesubmission notice, invitation letter or simply visa codeis a code that is issued for Iran travelers by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Friendlyiran as a reliable travel agency applies to get your visa code. When the MFA has approved your Iran visa, we will send you the submission notice form and also the MFA send the code to the Iranian embassy or consulate designated in the visa application form. It takes about 2-7 working days to obtain your visa code. Unless you are US, UK or Canadian Passport Holder. You’d better call your selected Iranian embassy or consulate in the first three days after receiving the code from us and check whether they have received it from MFA or not.

Iran Visa authorization number is valid for 25 days.

Step 3) Iran Visa Document Delivery

After receiving the visa tracking code, you need to take the following documents to the Iranian embassy or consulate designated on your visa code application (unless you want to get your Iran visa on arrival): 
  1. Visa tracking code or application ID
  2. Visa and postage fees
  3. Passport (valid for six months and have two blank visa pages, at least)
  4. Two recent passport-type photos
  5. Any other requirements that the designated embassy may request for.

Note: the mentioned above requirements are general, for Specific items and conditions (like fingerprinting) of your designated Iranian embassy/consulate, please contact them.


Step 4) Visa Stamping

Iranian embassy or consulate will put the visa stamp into your passport or on a separate piece of paper. The Iranian embassies in different countries have their own regulations, some of them give you your visa at the same day you hand over your documents and the others ask you to refer in the following days.

Iran visa is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued, and the visa holder can visit Iran for maximally one month during these 90 days (It could be extended under specific cases).


Iran Visa on Arrival

if getting your visa stamped at an Iranian embassy or consulate located in your country is hard for you, we can arrange to get your Iran visa upon arrival at the airport.

Since the number of nationals who can get Iran airport visa are a lot, it’s better to mention the countries which cannot get Iran on arrival visa, that are:

America, Canada, England, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Colombia, Pakistan, Iraq and Jordan.

Airports Where You can Get Iran VOA

Although getting visa in advance decreases a long wait on arrival queue for visa on arrival issuing, to ease and speed up the visa issuance procedure, the travelers to Iran who want to get their tourist visas at Iran international airports can go through the following steps:

1) Fill out the Iran electronic visa (Iran E-visaapplication form, at least ten working days before your travel, and send us your passport copy and personal photo and a confirmed return ticket.

2) After filling the mentioned form, we will send you the visa tracking code during 2-7 working days. Please get a hard copy of this grant notice form.

3) When you arrive at Iran international airports, you must hand over the mentioned submission notice form to the Visa-On-Arrival counter at the airport. Fill out a form, including contact information for the hotels you have reserved.

4) Then go to the airport bank and make the payment for your visa (just in Euros).

5) Return to the visa-on-arrival counter with your passport, travel insurance, completed form and receipt from the bank. Wait while the visa application is being processed and the visa stamp is put into your passport.


Iran Visa on Arrival Stamp Fee

The Iran visa stamp fee list is given in the table below.

Important Tips to Know about Iran Visa

  1. For Iran visa the passport must have at least 6-month validity and two blank pages justify.
  2. You can apply for Iran e-visa on your own but if we do this for you, as a reliable governmental Iranian travel agency, it would be approved easier.
  3. If you have Israeli visa stamp in your passport you can apply for Iran visa 6 months later.
  4. If you are born in Iran or your father is Iranian, you are assumed an Iranian citizen and you must travel to Iran with an Iranian passport. On the other hand, if you have an Iranian mother and your father has any other citizenship, you can travel to Iran with a non-Iranian passport.
  5. If you are a woman and your husband is Iranian and you have a marriage certificate valid to Iran, you are exempt from getting Iran visa and you can travel to Iran with your Iranian passport.
  6. Visiting Kish Island and Qeshm Island for 14 days doesn’t need visa.
  7. Iran visa is issued on a separate piece of paper with no trace in passport for all nationalities except American, English, Canadian, Afghan, Pakistani, Jordanian, Colombian, Bangladeshi and Somali.
  8. Israeli citizens cannot enter Iran.
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