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Getting visa for Iran visit in 3 Steps :

Breaking News : Iran is open, ready to welcome you. Tourist Visa is open from October , 2021.


Apply Your Visa Code

Pay Visa Code Service Fee

Get your visa code​

Pay the Visa Stamp Fee and Collect Your Visa at Iranian Embassies / Iran International Airports

  • Your passport should have 6-month validity prior to your arrival
  • Your passport should have at least 2 blank pages
  • Iran visa code is issued in 2 – 7 business days, this duration is 30 -45 business days for Canadian, American, and the English passport holders
  • Iran visa that is stamped at Iranian embassy or consulates, is valid for 90 days after issuance.
  • On-arrival visa is valid for 30 days.

Citizens of the following countries can visit Iran visa-free (updated list 2021):

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and China & Hongkong Macau

  • The citizens of Israel can not travel to Iran regarding the political relations

Iran Visa on Arrival

To ease and speed up the visa issuance procedure, the travelers of the per below countries can get their visas at Iran international airports upon arrival.

Since the number of nationals who can get Iran airport visa is a lot, it’s better to mention the countries which cannot get Iran on arrival visa, that is:

America, Canada, England, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Colombia, Pakistan, Iraq, and Jordan.

Iran Visa-Free Zones

There are a few free trade zones in Iran positioned on Iran borders. To enter these regions the travelers do not need a visa. Free zones in Iran include:

Kish Island, Qeshm Island, Chabahar, Anzali, Arvand, Aras, and Maku


Citizens of all countries except Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, and China & Hongkong Macau, need a visa to visit Iran. All citizens can visit Kish and Qeshm islands without getting Iran visa and stay there for at most 14 days.

These are Iran visa types:

  1. (Type A) Entry Visa or business visa for commercial, economic, cultural or industrial intentions and attending these kinds of conferences or sports events. An invitation letter from the organization you are going to visit is necessary for Commercial visitors.
  2. (Type B) Tourist Visa (single or multiple entries for maximum 30 days): is required to visit Iran as a tourist.
  3. (Type C) Pilgrimage Visa is necessary for visiting the shrines and sacred sights of Iran for foreign Muslim pilgrims.
  4. (Type D and Type S) Diplomatic and Service Visas are required by all nationals who have diplomatic and service passports and are going to travel to Iran on the official or consular mission.
  5. (Type E) Student Visa is required to study in Iran.
  6. (Type F) Work Permit Visa is required for working in Iran. Before applying for this kind of visa, you should hand over your work permit.
  7. (Type G) Transit Visa is required for foreign citizens who are going to pass through Iran to another country.
  8. (Type H) Press Visa is required for the journalists travailing to Iran on business. The application must be submitted to the embassy’s press section.

Friendlyiran team can apply for both Iran Tourist Visa and Iran Business visa.

The visa tracking code (authorization number) is given by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to approved visitors. Approved visitors then need to take this tracking code to the Iran embassy in their country and get their Iran Visa stamped, some of the visitors are also able to get their visa stamped at the Iran international airports.

The visa is the actual document issued by an Iranian embassy or consulate and put into your passport that allows you to enter Iran.

If you want to stamp your visa at the Iranian embassies or consulates, the visa tracking code is valid for 25 days. Once you receive it from us, you should contact your designated Iranian embassy or consulate within the three days to make sure they have received them from the MFA too.

if you want to get your Iran visa on arrival, the code is valid for 85 days.

Based on your nationality, we can get your visa tracking code (authorization number) in 2 to 7 days (For English, American and Canadian passport holders 30 to 45 working days) The process of stamping your visa depends on the designated Iran embassy or consulate varies from 1 day to more than two weeks. However, in some countries the Iran embassy or consulate issues the urgent visa, in return for taking more money.

if the visa is stamped at Iranian embassies or consulates, the visa is valid for three months (90 days) after it is issued. on the other hand, On arrival visa is valid for 30 days.

The citizens of Afghanistan and Bangladesh should apply for Iran visa in the Iran embassy or consulate personally and cannot get their visas by travel agencies. Except those who have other passports and can get their visas through travel agencies.

 €19 per person 

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