Using Visa and Master Cards for Payment in Iran Before and During Iran Travel

Due to the sanctions against Iran, transferring money to Iran directly, both bank transfer and online payment, is not possible easily. So, the cost of the tour services need to be transferred to different bank accounts in foreign countries. Problems were occurred during this method of payment such as,

How can I trust this process to transfer my Iran tour cost?

Is it safe to transfer money to an unknown account?

Is it guaranteed?

and many other hesitations Iran travelers may have about making deposit

The good news is Friendlyiran has made a connection for online payment to Iran. So, you can pay your Iran Tour Cost online via your personal credit card such as master card or visa card and confirm your Iran tour with peace of mind. The online payment is in Euro and will cost 8 extra percent. Online transfer is safe and guaranteed, and takes no time, easy and fast, so your Iran tour will be confirmed in an hour.

Even if you run out of money in Iran for any reason, buying many Persian souvenirs for example 😊, you can transfer money online in Euro and receive Iran currency during a day.

How to send money online to Iran?

  1. Send us your credit card detail
  2. You will receive a payment link in a minute
  3. Click on the PAY button and make the payment
  4. We will be informed of your payment in an hour

Friendlyiran Terms of Payment

    • For the first confirmation, 30% to 50% of the whole tour cost must be paid to start the booking process. The rest can be paid on arrival in cash (bill from 2002). For the payment on arrival since the ATMs do not work here, the only way is cash payment, so if the tourist cannot carry this amount of money, it’s better to transfer the rest of the cost 10 days before his/her arrival, since it takes more than a week for the transferred money to receive here.
    • If the Tour operator fails to render the ordered Tourist Product to the Tourist, he is entitled to provide him with the equal Tourist Product or that of the higher class.
    • The currency of the payment (Dollar or Euro) must be selected by the Tourist before signature of this Contract and/or issuance of the invoice.
  • If tourist cancels the trip before arrival when everything is booked, the tourist must cover actual expenses of the Tour Operator as follow:
  1. 30 days and more before the tour runs, 30% of the whole cost
  2. 30 days to 15 days before the tour runs, 50% of the whole cost
  3. 15 days to 48 hours before the tour runs, 70% of the whole cost
  4. Less than 48 hours before the tour runs , The whole cost

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