Everything about Nose job in Iran

Nose job or rhinoplasty is the operation of reshaping or resizing the nose. Although we truly believe the beauty comes from the heart and soul the studies show that appearance plays an important role in self-confidence and also first impression.

The shape of nose is something congenital and it also changes through aging, the tip of nose will lose itself, the skin lose itself and the imperfections show themselves. So when the science and technology give us the opportunity of looking better, why to lose this chance!

Skillful doctors of Iran have thousands of experiences in long term time, because of high demand. As rhinoplasty deals with a very sensitive part which is connected to main vessels and nerves, you should choose the responsible doctors who value your time, money and the most important thing your life!

Rhinoplasty or nose job is the most frequent plastic surgery in Iran, which made Iran the capital of nose surgery in the world! The patients are not always Iranian people, but also different people from all of world travel to Iran to have nose job by an Iranian nose surgeons.

”The first impression is always important and a better shaped nose improves your social relationships!” that’s what people say after the nose surgery!


Which imperfections and health problems can be correct by nose surgery?

Based on frequently asked questions of plastic surgery, people keep asking themselves “why should I do nose job?” or “Is nose job right for me?” You can do nose job if you think you have faced with following case or cases:

  1. Breathing problems: The difficulty of breathing is very common among the senior people and also young. Most of the time the breathing tunnel is banned by polyps. Removing this polyps is an easy operation which can be done without or beside the nose job. The recovery of removing polyps is less than 7 days.
  2. Visible bump on the nasal bridge: Bump and bridge of the nose is often congenital and bony. By aging and the loosen process of skin tissues, the bumps and bridge of nose becomes annoying. Nose job operation is an answer to remove of this nose bridge and nose bumps in the less possible time.
  3. A droopy tip of nose or enlarged one: Either the droopy nose tip is because of genetically heritage or the aging. This gristly nose tip which can be in an asymmetric shape or like a meatball can be resized to fit your face.
  4. Off-centered or crooked nose and asymmetry: These might be done by accident, injury, the congenital issues and etc., but you don’t need to keep it with yourself. You can have your nose operated to be normal.

Beside the correction of breathing problem and doing nose job as a beauty operation, sometimes this nose beauty surgery is advised as a psychology treatment. They are people who don’t like their appearance because of their nose and they shouldn’t be obliged to tolerate!

How to do Nose job operation in Iran?

The first step to do a nose operation in Iran is to collect your Medical files, IDs and sending them to us. By arranging an examination and direct contact with a professional Iranian specialist, you can have more detailed information about your own nose surgery. In this step you will check out the result of nose operation on your face in Photoshop and make the final decision. Normally Nose beauty surgeries needs one night hospitalization that is based on the time and the difficulty of surgery.

How much cost to do nose operation in Iran?

The cost of doing nose job in Iran is divided to: hospital expenses, surgeon expenses, and is variable based on case, nasal specialist’s diagnosis and discussable.

The approximate price of nose job in Iran is about 1000 to 5000 Euro.

Best plastic and rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran

Best rhinoplasty surgeons are doing the operations in Tehran and Shiraz. You can find the best quality and hospital services for nose job in these two cities.

Through the corresponding with the specialist you will have the resume, IDs and certificate of our recommended specialist.

Contact us to get the full information of nose job specialists, by [email protected]

Health and Age condition for nose Job

Basically the nose operation is recommended for people more than 18-years old.

If you had any back ground of diseases and health problems, consult with your doctor and share all the medical files with your specialist. It is very important to be honest with the surgeon.

Not having hearth problems and not being pregnant is necessary for nose operation.

How many days does it take for hospitalization and recovery after Nose Job/ Nose plastic surgery in Iran?

Usually it takes 7 to 10 days to be prepared for flying back to home. Based on the prescription for your nasal specialist you should be hospitalized for a night or two and then have a 7 day rest at hotel, or hotel-hospitals.

Best Hotel-hospitals of Iran

Although Iran has a very old history in medical tourism, the hotel-hospitals in Iran is limited to Gandhi Hotel-Hospital in Tehran. Gandhi hotel –hospital which is constructed in 17 floors of hospital and medical section and 21 floor of hotel is one of the best choices for those who want to do nose surgery in Tehran.

If you want to do nose job in any other city, we will suggest you best hotels in the closest location to Hospital.

Do I need to have Patient care attendant while doing nose job in Iran?         

This is not a necessary thing, a family member or a close friend can take care of you. If you want to do it alone, you can count of assistance of the friendly person who we will introduce to you.

How is Cosmetic and Beauty surgery in Iran?

Doing cosmetic and beauty surgeries in Iran are getting normal. But why the plastic surgery is so frequent in Iran? Beside the low cost surgery in Iranian hospital and the eager of being more beautiful, the most important reason is that Iran has the best specialists in plastic operations in the world. Day by day medical tourism grows in Iran and people from all around the world leave themselves in the artistic hands of Persian specialists. The most beloved plastic surgery which is highly welcomed by tourists is Nose Job.

If you are not sure about doing nose job, go ahead and take advices from those who have done this rhinoplasty surgery. We will introduce you those who have done this surgery and their specialist.

Nose Job Tips and Advices

  • Get some hints from those who have done this surgery, speak with them and ask about their feeling before and after operation. They will tell you about their expectation and the result, their satisfaction of their nose job.
  • Have an updated medical checkup and send it to your specialist


medical visa for Iran

To get medical visa of Iran is easy if you provide the Iran MFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) enough information about your treatments in Iran.

First of all you should correspond with your doctor and share all medical information of your case to the specialist. By checking the files and corresponding about the treatment and therapy, the specialist presents his/her diagnose or asks for more examinations.

We should present following information in addition to usual requirements of visa:

  1. the letters/Emails between the patient and specialist to MFA
  2. The probable diagnose of specialist. The hospital and the city, in which surgery, treatment and therapy will be complete.
  3. The duration of Stay, Recovery and hospitalization

Usual requirements of Visa:

  • How to take a good Selfie? How to be photogenic? If you like only one of a thousand selfie, search what annoys you the most!? If it is the nose, which normally is, why don’t you try out nose job conditions! You don’t need to carry your grandparent’s nose! To look like in a way that you like yourself in the best way is your right!

plastic surgery in iran before and after


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