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iRAN CIP Online Service

When we travel, most of us prefer to spend every moment of our journey enjoying and having fun instead of doing the lengthy official check-in procedure at the airport.

CIP services can be an excellent option to reduce the stress of the arrival & departure process, such as being unfamiliar with the airport atmosphere in a new destination, standing in a long queue for the operation of visa collection and passport control, boarding passes, and picking up luggage, etc.

Our team is here to provide exceptional comfort with the CIP services for both incoming & outgoing travelers into/from Iran.

If you reserve this service, you take to a comfortable and safe hall upon arrival with a private transfer, and then the airport staff will do the rest. At the same time, you relax, drink a cup of coffee, or have a light meal, and this is all that makes this waiting time for your flight as pleasant as ever.

CIP services Imam international airport - Tehran ( IKA Airport)

Complimentary Buffet (serving several foods & serving snacks, hot and cold drinks, and sweets)

Private Passport Control gate & Security gate

Wheelchair lift services

Free WIFI with high speed

Covering the process of boarding pass & visa stamping

Temporarily accommodation

Private transfer to/from the Aircraft

Covered parking

Meeting & conference room for Business negation

Airport transfers by standard or VIP cars

Luggage check in



               Domestic flights               

                                                                             International flights

Adult 24 Euro

Adult 67 Euro

Children(2 to 12 year) 17 Euro

Children(2 to 12 year) 36 Euro

Infant(under 2 years) Free

Infant(under 2 years) Free

Especial request 15 Euro

Especial request 19 Euro

CIP service at Shiraz Intl Airport ( SYZ Dastgheib)

  • CIP service at Dastgheib Intl airport (Shiraz)
  • Smoking room
  • Complimentary Buffet (serving several foods & serving snacks, hot and cold drinks, and sweets)
  • Free WIFI
  • Meeting rooms
  • Private Security gate
  • Private transfer to/from the Aircraft
  • Visa collecting service
  • Meet &greet airport lounges
  • Wheelchair lift services



To reserve this service in Shiraz or Tehran airport, no need to do anything; fill in the following application form; and leave the rest to us.

Take a break, sit back and relax, while we take care of your travel arrangements. Choose from a range of our tour packages, whether with inclusive flight tickets or without. Our custom-tailored packages guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish.


Our visa experts ensure seamless and timely processing of Iranian visas. From tourist and  visas to  for permanent residents and business, we provide end-to-end services tailored to your specific needs.