Iran Business Visa 2024

Every year so many people around the world travel to Iran for business purposes such as joining in business meetings, congresses, and seminars and also participating in Iran International Exhibitions/Messes and trade fairs.

Friendly Iran Business Tour operators are well experienced in linking international companies from all over the world with their Iranian business partner. If you are seeking for Business Partner in Iran or like to know how to participate in Iran trade fairs, contact our business Iran tour experts, here. Iran Business Visa can be used for bleisure Traveling to Iran (Business and leisure travel to Iran).

How to get an Iran business visa in 2023?

Send us the Requirements of Iran Business Visa Grant Notice, which are an invitation letter from an Iranian official company in addition to requirements for an Iran tourist visa. Iranian business visa is issued only with the cooperation of an official company/office based in Iran. Friendly Iran Travel Company cooperates with official Iranian companies to issue Iran business travel visas for all nationalities.

Iran Business Visa Requirement and Application form:

1) Requirements for foreign passport holders:

1) Requirements of the host company:

  • The registered name of the host Company (Must be registered in Iran Company Registration General Office)
  • Registration Number of the host company
  •  The Subject of the invitation
  • Address and contact number of the host company
  • Address and contact number of the manager’s home
  • Scan the official journal or newspaper of the host company
  • A scan of Host Company invitation letter with official letterhead, seal, and signature
  • A scan of the birth certificate of the host company manager

Note: In case you are interested to have a business visa, though you have not any hosting company, the Friendly Iran Team can introduce you to an appropriate company to invite you. This is due to extra charges.

How long does it take to get a business visa to Iran?

Iran Business travel visa is issued in 2 types of Normal and Urgent. Normal Business Visa will take 7-10 Working days and Iran Urgent Business visa takes less than 4 working days.

How much getting Iran Business Travel Visa costs?

Iran Business Visa service fee for Normal Business visa costs 85 Euro (per person) which should be paid in Advance.

The extra charge for an Iranian Urgent Business visa is 30 euros.

Iran Business visas for US, UK, and Canadian passport holders need extra service and paperwork. Its surcharge is 30 euro.

If you don’t have a hosting company in Iran, FriendlyIran Team have cooperation with companies, through which you can have an Iran Business visa .

Iran Business Visa for Indian Citizens and Passport holders:

Due to the volume of Indian Business travelers to Iran, FriendlyIran Travel Agency considers the Best cost Iran Business Tours and Visa fee for Indian groups. Indian Business travelers will have 10 Euro discount on each Business Visa for the groups more than 5 pax.

This discount will be adjusted to business travel groups from all over the world.

Things to Know about Business Visa:

  • Duration of Stay in Iran, with a Business Travel Visa, is usually 14 days.
  • The Business visa of Iran is due to Single Entry to Iran
  • You can do Business in Kish Island, one of the Iran trade poles, without a Business visa

Bleisure Travel and Tour to Iran

FriendlyIran Travel Agency arranging Business and Leisure travels provides its customers with all Iranian visa assistance. Iran Bleisure travelers can use the benefit of tailor-making holiday Iran tour packages with business programs.

Take a break, sit back and relax, while we take care of your travel arrangements. Choose from a range of our tour packages, whether with inclusive flight tickets or without. Our custom-tailored packages guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish.


Our visa experts ensure seamless and timely processing of Iranian visas. From tourist and  visas to  for permanent residents and business, we provide end-to-end services tailored to your specific needs.