Travelling is naturally related to having experiences, especially those that take us away from our daily routine. But, far beyond visiting tourist spots, travelers from all over the world have been looking for activities that bring new learnings through experiences that are unique to each destination.

Rural tourism trip between culture and landscape

The UNWTO defines Rural Tourism as “a type of tourism activity in which the visitor’s experience is related to a wide range of products generally linked to nature-based activities, agriculture, rural lifestyle/culture, angling and sightseeing”.

Rural tourism is a form of tourism in constant growth, a method that seeks alternative destinations, far from the chaotic daily life, a way to stay in touch with nature and reconnect at a slower, more human pace. It includes the various forms of tourism directly connected to rural resources that is all those forms of tourism in which the “rural culture” represents the most important component. The resources of rurality are made up of agriculture and its products, green areas (green tourism) and protected areas, crafts, cultural and artistic heritages present in the towns and small towns of rural areas.

Rural tourism is a particular form of responsible tourism that is growing a lot, which is because of “awareness” of people who prefer community tourism as a combination of the experience of an exotic travel with the personal satisfaction of being responsible from social and environmental point of view. Rural tourism offers one of the most environmentally sustainable travel opportunities available. In this way, an eco-sustainable trips can achieve its goals by adopting local uses, protecting sites of historical, archaeological and spiritual interest, educating visitors about local customs, regulating the tourist flow in indigenous areas, and, if possible, donating part of profits to local locations. “This is a Responsible travel that is the concept of the next generation. This is not a pre-packaged holiday, it is a journey that will change us, give us something priceless, that no one can ever steal from us. “

It is important to clarify that the activities offered in rural tourism are also part of other segmentations of the sector, such as food tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism, etc.

So it can happen when you work in the vineyard from the first light of dawn until sunset but then you can refresh yourself in front of the fireplace, by tasting the fruit that you collected. All in full sharing with the owners of the lands in an atmosphere of absolute conviviality and naturalness. 

Where is a rural area?

Small and tiny family farms, organic and biodynamic farmhouses where the land is worked, educational farms or simple B & Bs are presented, all based on authentic peasant hospitality and all realities in defense of biodiversity both in the fields and in the kitchen. And that’s not all: country hostels and eco-villages with agricultural activities, informal hospitality and agricamping are Part of this category.

rural-village-iran (2)

Experienced that rural tourism helps us with:

1)Offer hospitality in the accommodations available in the farm. (Lodging in rural areas…farm hotels, inns, campsites, etc.)

2)Host campers in equipped open spaces;

3)Traditional breakfast and typical meals with fresh products;

4)Organize tasting farm products;

5) Workshops on homemade products like cheese, jam, bread,…

6)Organize recreational, cultural and educational activities, sports, hiking, horse-riding, aimed at a better use and knowledge of the territory, in compliance with any sector regulations and legislation on public safety.


7)Harvesting fruits;

8)Visits vegetable gardens, orchards and vineyards;

9)Picnic in the field with products from the region

10)Food and animal care;

11)Milking and other livestock activities;

12)Museum with historical items from the property and region;

13) Gastronomic events in the countryside;

14)Arts, Folklore, Handicraft and Cultural Festivals, etc.

Who are the travelers who seek Rural Tourism?

Now, not all people are interested in country life and even among those who are interested, there may be different motivations when searching for agritourism experiences. To develop these experiences, it is essential to know the profile of travelers interested in this type of tourism.

– Family with children looking to spend leisure time in contact with nature and animals during the weekend;

– Group of friends who enjoy expeditions through the countryside by bicycle, motorcycle or 4×4 and look for attractions and different accommodations during the trip;

– People under stress and want to spend their holidays in a serene and peaceful place close to nature;

– Couples, without children, who have always lived in the city and are thinking of moving to the countryside, they want to know more about the day-to-day life on the farm.

If you have decided to spend your holiday in the countryside in close contact with nature, Cuddle cute animals, and taste hearty home-cooked farm food… you are in the right place! So stay with us…We have a cosy farmhouse for your next organic experience! A great adventure for all family members.

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