Farm Stay in Iran

Farm Stay in Iran

In recent years, many farms in Iran have decided to open up to the world of tourist accommodation by offering their guests rooms or camping, in perfect harmony with a holiday made up of experiences strongly linked to the rural context, including farm animals, production, and collection activities and typical products. Farm holidays with animals are a great way to relax in the green of nature and to get to know or rediscover a world often forgotten by adults and unknown to children. Precisely for this reason, Farms with animals are an excellent destination for family holidays with children, an unusual and fun experience for young and old who certainly won’t be bored staying in contact with animals. Here they will be able to discover the life of the Farm and its activities, the habits of animals and the rhythms of nature, learn to recognize plants, and taste the genuine flavors of the products of the earth to discover the beauty of simplicity.

Here we introduce you a cozy farmhouse that you can have an agritourism experience there!

This farmhouse is located in Sartoli village, a small village on the hills, between Shiraz and a Sepidan. It offers its guests peace and health, but above all, they offer you gastronomy that combines the flavors of the region tradition with the cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan also feel at home. At this farmhouse, you can appreciate zero kilometer organic products, grown in the lands adjacent to the structure, and proposed in a menu that changes seasonally. The ideal place to spend peaceful and regenerating nights, but also to taste healthy vegetarian and other dishes.

Farmhouse in Sartoli is a way of life. Imagine falling asleep lulled by the song of crickets and waking up calmly to taste the still-warm bread cook in nature, baked in a wood oven, and seasoned with organic homemade jam.

This is the flavor of a holiday spent in the countryside, marked by the slow rhythms of nature, under the star vaults of an old farmhouse surrounded by lush woods and expanses of cultivated fields.

This farmhouse has vegetable gardens such as tomato, corn, green pepper, Eggplant… There are a rafter of turkeys, plenty of ducks, and chicken coops that provide excellent fresh eggs. Meals are served in the common rooms and consumed in collective tables, where visitors and residents get to know each other. The menus are based on local and organic products such as bread, fresh cheese, yogurt, egg, and organic fruit jams. The possibility of having a barbecue in nature, an organic restaurant, and cooking classes will make your holiday really pleasant and relaxing.

It’s a super-fun day; Barbecue in nature, with the collection of wood and the crackling fire, Fire-Grilled meat, and chicken with natural vegetables are romantic and recall ancestral customs and it makes an unforgettable trip in nature

One of the delicious natural cuisine that serves here is smoky eggplant with yogurt. Place the eggplant under charcoal barbecue (Roasting eggplants on an open flame can be messy, but it is definitely worth the effort), the smoky aroma adds immensely to the taste, after 30 minutes moved it out and let it cool slightly (to avoid burning your hands) and peel, then add it to a bowl of organic yogurt. Now by adding salt and pepper… it’s ready to eat! Buon appetite!

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Iran? In this farmhouse, you can!

Are you looking for a farmhouse that offers vegetable or vegan cuisine? We found it for you! In recent years, interest in vegetarian and vegan cuisine has increased significantly. Many people choose to adhere to this eating pattern and obviously have to maintain it even when they are on a trip.

For those who adhere to this world, it can be difficult to find the right place to eat while on vacation. Fortunately, many of our farms have decided to meet this lifestyle and have included many vegetarian and vegan dishes in their kitchens by using organic and local products.

So our specialists can tailor-made your rural tour on the base of your lifestyle! When we customize an itinerary, we work with you on every aspect of your trip to help maximize your travel experience. Do you have a particular interest that you want to emphasize: adventure, culture, photography, agritourism, trekking …? So we are here to organize your trip as you desire!

Enjoy life in the countryside!!

Let’s start to discover this amazing family-friendly countryside holiday in Iran with us!

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