Nose job in iran

Everything about rhinoplasty in Iran

 So if you decide to have your nose surgery and make a fundamental change in appearance, we suggest that you do this in Iran for the following reasons:

  1. The world’s best plastic surgeons
  2. Equipped hospitals
  3. Very low price
  4. excellent quality
  5. And many more…

 Iran owns a position between the top 10 countries in many types of cosmetic surgeries where people confide themselves to professional professors’ care.

Nose plastic and nose job in  Iran

 However, nasal plastic surgeries performed to enhance the beauty and improve appearance are not usually covered by insurance, and should be paid by the patient himself.


Choosing an experienced surgeon in Iran

His practice experience and credibility can have a great impact on the cost of cosmetic surgery. You should spend a lot of time reviewing the work experience of a surgeon so that you can recognise the best doctor of the surgeon. Friendlyiran will help you with your relationship with the best hospitals and best cosmetic surgeons in Iran


Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

The cost of surgery in Iran is very cheap compared to the rest of the world and is about $ 1,000 to $ 5,000
It depends, of course, on the type of operation and diagnosis of a specialist.


Best nose surgeons in Iran

The best and most professional doctors in the world are in Iran, and due to the intense interest of the Iranian people, a lot of nose surgery is performed in Iran every day.

nose job before after video

plastic surgery in iran before and after

Best plastic surgeons in iran

  1. DR hosnani
  2. DR  mohebbi
  3. DR yahyavi
  4. DR farhad hafezi
  5. DR hamidreza hosnani
  6. DR ali reza mohebbi

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