Iran trade fairs and  International exhibitions 2018

Irans International exhibitions and trade fairs are very good chance to know updated technology and discover best investment opportunities and get starting trade with iran or doing business in iran .

Best International exhibitions are taking place in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz.

We are here to make participating and visiting Irans international Exhibitions and iran trade fair , simple and enjoyable! With FriendlyIran Travel Agency, your business trip to Iran goes well without difficulty and as easy as pie!

Here are what we’ll do for you;

  • Getting your Visa, booking your Flight tickets and Hotels
  • Arranging your meetings, conferences
  • Booking a pavilion or stand for you in exhibition
  • Booking a luxury rental car, with or without driver as your request
  • Researching and finding the companies that are in the same business Field as yours and your customers, who are participating in Exhibition.
  • Daily or hourly tours to visit the city that you’re in and close attractions.

We will do other necessary tasks for you such as providing Interpreter, Electronic stuff, Iranian Sim-Card and Credit Cart and etc.

Each year Iran is hosting so many pioneer companies around the world, from America and Europe to Far East Countries in International Exhibitions in Iran, this exhibitions brings so many business travelers, agents and visitors to Iran, who are willing to have the chance of cooperating and knowing leading companies, new ideas and hidden opportunities.

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Here are some information about Irans biggest International Exhibitions;

Tehran International Exhibition :

For more than 50 years, International exhibitions are held in Tehran. Tehran Exhibition Company is a member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and BIE (Bureau International des Exhibitions). Each year about 20 international Exhibition is being held in Tehran and more than 30 country take part in each one. Joining to these exhibition is the matter of preparing a very exceptional field for cooperating with Iranian companies, and even other companies around the world.


FriendlyIran is cooperating with best hotels and is offering you nice exhibition tour packages in International Exhibitions, including Flight ticket, Free visa, Insurance, Hotel Rooms, Exhibition services, Meeting and Conference Hall, rental cars, translator and so many other things. Don’t hesitate to contact our online Friendly Agent and plan your special exhibition tours in Iran, we are at your service in case of any question too.

Exhibition Calendar Date Organizer
13th int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and related Industries 4-7 Jan.
10th int’l Exhibition of Products, Services and equipment of chain markets 4-7 Jan.


The first int’l exhibition of agricultural machinery, irrigation systems and related industries 6-9 Jan. Milad Mobtaker Shargh Co. – +98-21-44448216
4th   Int’l Exhibition of Nuts, dry goods, dried fruits and related industries 6-9 Jan. Saya Namaye Parsian Co. – +98-31-36633939
The 15th Int’l Exhibition of exercise and sports equipment (Sport ex. 2017) 4-7



7th   Int’l Exhibition of Modern house, Interior architecture and decoration 14-17 Jan. Nama Negar Co. – +98-21-88203020
9th Int’l Exhibition of cement, concrete, construction technology and related machineries 14-17 Jan.


24th Int’l Exhibition of chandelier, Luster and decorative Lights 16-19 Jan. union – +98-21-77533892 – +98-21-77536647
The 3rd Int’l Exhibitions of Motorcycle, parts, Accessories, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles and Related Equipment (Iran Ride) 16-19 Jan. Arano Co – +98-21-22845412 – +98-21-26420626 – fax: 89784200
The 8th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition 24-27 Jan. Tehran Int’l Trading & Exhibition Corporation – +98-21-22397540
The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation & Related Machineries 24-27 Jan Asia Pasargad Co. – +98-21-22768596
The 10th Int’l Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry 6-9 Feb Tehran Int’l Trading & Exhibition Corporation – +98-21-22397540 – +98-21-22397296 – +98-21-22396947
The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Wood Industries, machinery and related equipment and Related Equipment 6 – 9 Feb. Milad e Noor Co. – +98-21-88656169
The 6th Int’l Exhibition of entertainment Industry, Amusement Center and parks. 6 – 9 Feb Bamika Intl Group. – +98-21-44873707
The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Accessories & Furniture’s Machineries, Equipment & Related Industries 15-18 Feb. Milad Mobtaker Shargh Co & Chista Fair Co. – +98-21-44448216 – +98-21-22924526
The 7th Int’l Handicrafts Exhibition 16-19 Feb. Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Watch & Related Industries 16-19 Feb Sepantas Kish Exhibition Consulting Co.


The 3rd Int’l Exhibition of tools, mold, and Machin tools 16-19 Feb. Haghighat Mehr Raya Co.- +98-21-22630056
The 2nd Int’l Exhibition of Excavation, Exploration, Safety Machinery and Equipment, Tunneling & Road Building and Equipment 24-27 Feb Baniyan Fardaye Roshan Co. – +98-21-88988796


The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Real Estate 24-27 Feb. Banian Omid Co. – +98-21-22001749
The 4th int’l Exhibition of Building Industry Facade, Structure & Innovative Technologies (Iran Build ex. 2017) 24-27 Feb. Iran International Exhibition Staff Cooperative Co & Management & Trade Solutions Co – +98-21-42917000
The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Renewable Energy Exhibition 26-29 Feb Management & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Environment 26-29 Feb. Management & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
The 3rd int’l exhibition and conference on women’s role in sustainable development 4-7 Mar The Association of the Industries of Household Appliances of Iran – +98-21-88513557 – +98-21-88513216

FriendlyIran Travel Agency is cooperating with Five and Four stars Hotels in Tehran, such as Evin Hotel and Espinas Palace Hotel, these Hotels are close to International Exhibition of Tehran and have Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls with qualified facilities and proper condition for business attending.

Shiraz International Exhibition


International Exhibition in Shiraz, holding more than 600 professional and general exhibitions, has the vastest exhibition sites and Salons in southern Iran. Shiraz International Exhibitions operating exhibits in different fields such as Industry, Packaging, Agriculture, Medications, Oil and Gas, Electronics, Jewelry and etc. is a very good opportunity for passionate Iran business travelers to introduce their products and goods, find customers and investors.


Fars International Exhibition is a member of UFI and is considered by UFI

Fars International Exhibition Basic Services:

  • Parking
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Praying hall, WC services, Buffet, Coffee Shop, Fast Food, Security and CCTV
  • Bank

Tabriz International Exhibition:


Tabriz international exhibition in Iran. International Exhibition is one of the most recommended

Tabriz International Exhibition is located in Tabriz, a capital city in Iran, also known as the most neat and clean city of Iran for 5 years.

Tabriz is placed in the north of Iran, close to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia

International Exhibition of Tabriz is offering nice pavilions with requested facilities;

  • Conference hall (with capacity of 1200 people)
  • Advertisement services in Exhibition (Printing banner and etc.)
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Various kinds of desks, chairs, refrigerator, cold/warm water dispenser, showcases.

Mashhad International Exhibition


International Exhibition Company in Mashhad is activating since 1998.

Mashhad is holding International Exhibitions in Food Industries, Automobiles and Agriculture and is offering some services especially in Mice Tourism and is one of the Iran leading company in providing services for business travelers.

Locating in a suitable area in the Mashhad, one of the capital cities in Iran, Mashhad International Exhibition is very proper for participation of Companies in neighbor Countries and Business-Religious Tours.


FriendlyIran Travel Agency prepares, consumer needs, meeting and conference arrangements, advertisement services and any other facilities and materials and equipment based on your request.

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