Iran tourist credit card

How to pay with your own credit card in Iran? How to get  Iranian credit card ? How is payment process in Iran ? How can exchange money  in Iran ?

Travel Iran with peace of mind!

We have good news for you ,if you are going travel to Iran. Travelers who had traveled to Iran in the past few years encountered with some problems, due to they could not use credit cards in Iran. Problems such as: *Rarely can’t find shops that supporting international credit card in Iran * Based on law, travelers can’t open a new bank account by own in Iran * Carrying Cash isn’t safe * Problems regarding the currency exchange

Our travel agency in cooperation with Pasargad Bank try to solved these problems .You can apply to get  Tourist Credit Card through our travel agency  and do your all payment when you are in Iran.

What is tourist card?

Electronic cards for travelers when they are in Iran.This credit card allows you to purchase anything in Iran with Iranian currency and also travelers can use all payment channels in Iran as ATM,POS ,Internet payment, Mobile apps and online shopping.

How to get  tourist card?

You can apply to get tourist card through valid travel agencies in Iran. In this process, your travel agency in Iran send your request based on your personal information to Pasargad Bank as your representative or guarantor. The fee for opening account is about 25 to 63 USD$ and you can transfer or charge it unlimited. The card is active and ready to use as soon as you charge it. The documents that travel agency need to apply are your passport copy and application form and is better to apply for tourist card as same time as apply for  your visa.

Advantages of Tourist Credit  Card:

Carring Credit Card is safe than cash in Travel* *Have 24/7 support center *It’s easy to get and works everywhere,anytime *Doesn’t need opening a new bank account *Purchase anything in Iran as shopping, all Domestic ticket, cellphone credit  by yourself  like Iranian citizens or through online services *Reduce the currency exchange Rate *Travelers can do all Internet bank service as withdrawing money,checking your account balance and get bank activity report by all bank Psargad ATMs *You can recharge your tourist card by referring to your agent

Get Your Credit Card 

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