Celebrating Yalda Night

Celebrations in every nation and country may hold for families to gather together, youngsters sit side by side of their elders, and experiencing happy moments and memories. Theses things remind us how majestic nature is and how merciful God has been toward us. Yalda Night is an Iranian ancient ceremony which is considered as the last night of fall and the first night of winter. This night equals the first night of winter for those who live in the northern part of earth. From this night the length of days increase while nights become shorter than previous nights in fall. Ancient Iranians celebrated this night since they believed that from that night on the lord’s light spread over the earth much more than before. This type thanksgiving celebration has survived among Iranians to the contemporary era.

Families used to gather around each other at this night in order to move from the lengthiest night to the light of the next day. They wanted to share their happiness with each other. This night contains several beautiful traditions each of which is designed for a reason. It would be great if every body follow these traditions in its best way.
People used to spread a beautiful spread full of delicious foods at that night. Meanwhile, in the past people used to sit around Korsi at this night.

Korsi: it is a heating utensil which gives Iranian people a feeling of nostalgia. Korsi is made up of a sort table under which a bowel filled with hot coal is situated. People used to spread a quilt over the table to keep the heat under it. Iranian families used to spend their winter nights sitting beside Korsi.

At this night, people provide so many different foods for their spread. Every province in Iran may have its own specific foods, but what are common among all Iranians are watermelon, pomegranate, special nuts like dry fruits that people used to make them but now a days they can buy from different store. These dry fruits are figs, raisins, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, hazelnut, apricots and so on. Eating any of these nuts means something special. For example seeds are the symbols of earning. People believe that if you eat watermelon at this night, you will never catch cold in the cold seasons. From among other traditions we can call elders who tell stories to the youngsters of the family. People also read Hafez at this night. Hafez is a famous Persian poet. People believe that if they pray first and then open Hafez Divan, he will tell them about their future. By having thing like Fal, Iranian people celebrate their Yalda night.





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