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Our Supportive Team

I wish there was never a war anywhere in the world. It’s always been our heartfelt wish that this never happens.

Although we’ve faced the prospect of war in Iran with stress and worry for many years, it never actually happened, just talk and speculation.

But this time, it was a different story. A war started unexpectedly, catching everyone off guard, and the people had no say in it. Wars always start suddenly for people who are unaware of the decisions of the statesmen.

In those moments, we were hosting several tourists. Some had just arrived, some were in the middle of their trips, and some were getting ready to leave.

We had invited people from all over the world to our home, and now they found themselves in a situation where neither they nor we were to blame for it, but we felt responsible to support them.

In those circumstances, we were more worried about our guests than ourselves.

Hospitality is an integral part of Iranian culture. Even in our own gatherings, when a guest is leaving, we see them off and don’t let them go alone, let alone a guest who has been loved with us and has stepped into our big home, “Iran,” with hope for our support.

The sudden war started, and no one was prepared for it. Things got complicated, airlines canceled their flights, and passengers couldn’t leave the country.

Their trip had been arranged according to the package they had purchased from us, and we had provided all the services we had agreed upon. But for us, the passenger was not just a customer whom we had to deal with within the framework of contracts and agreements. They were our dear friends, and as long as they were in Iran, they were our guests. So, we considered it our responsibility to accompany them until they could find an alternative flight and return home safely. We arranged accommodation for them and managed to get them tickets as soon as the airlines resumed their flights. We even got them two flights so that if one was canceled, they could catch the next one.

And that’s exactly what happened. The first flight was canceled, and with the second one, late at night, they bid farewell to us and Iran, safely. We stayed up that night to make sure we were available to assist them if they needed help during the flight process.

We know that some things are really unpredictable, but how we deal with and behave in the face of that issue is important. It matters how responsible and supportive we see ourselves.

We have repeatedly proven that our services to you go far beyond what we agreed upon before implementing the program. Because you are very dear to us, and we are very hospitable, welcoming, and responsible.


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