Iran Travel Insurance Policy International

Travel insurance reduces the risks associated with unexpected events and you can enjoy of your travel time without any worries. In Friendlyiran Travel agency, we will apply for two types of travel insurance which is free and includes your tour services. Do not worry for the expenses having contracted with the insurance service-providers of our tour company, you can benefit from its many advantages and perks. Firstly we will offer best quality tour services and it’s  one of the many gains of our travel agency. Our country, Iran, which is one of the safest and the most secure in the Middle East region, has the best of the best insurance companies with lots of agreeable services. If you only need the insurance without full tour package, we will do it and the rate is only 55 USD$ , but you will be awarded up to 10000 Euros if anything unwanted happens to you during your stay in Iran or even your travel to Iran. The first insurance service-provider company of is Bimeh Iran or Iran Insurance Co. and the second is bestowed to you on behalf of another famous insurance company which is Pasargad Insurance Co. by paying or registering in our tour company’s affordable, comprehensive insurance plans no matter how far you are from your travel destination, Iran. Finally, we promise to guarantee the health and safety of our tour groups who travel to Iran.

Advantages of friendlyiran travel agency insurance in Iran


Friendlyiran Travel agency will comply with the following terms and conditions

  1. Transfer
  • Medical transfer and admittance of the insured tourist to the nearest medical service providing center,
  • Transmission of the insured tourist to a better-equipped hospital according to the disease and injuries by appropriate air, sea and land means of transportation.
  1. Imbursement or Remedy Costs
  • Please notice that insurance rate is different based on the duration of stay and age of travelers and the duration of coverage is maximum of 92 consecutive days:
  • Medical costs include the cost of surgery insurance,
  • Medical emergency expenses including initial medical doctor visit, imaging services, laboratory expenses, physiotherapy expenses, medical transferring to related medical centers in case of incidents such as vehicle accident,
  • Medical expenses due to poisoning, such as food poisoning,
  • The return of unaccompanied children to their home country,
  • Repatriation of corpse to their home country.
  1. In case of Medical Emergencies

Iran Insurance Co. will provide the insured with the required information, such as details of the relevant hospitals, surgery clinics and other specialized centers for patients and injured along with the necessary recommendations.

  1. Return of Corpse

In case of death, Iran Insurance Co. will take all required measures and will pay for the costs of preparation of coffin for transfer of the corpse to the burial place of the insured’s country. But this policy does not cover the funeral and burial costs.

  1. Legal Assistance

Provides penal, civil law, and judicial help in the event of accidents during the insured’s vehicle accidents up to 250 Euros.

  1. Losing Travel Documents

In the event of loss of valuable travel documents, such as passports, visa stickers and airline tickets, Iran Insurance Co. will provide the insured with advice and will try to help him/her to obtain the stolen or lost documents with the help of appropriate authorities.

  • 7.In case of emergency accepts the insured’s relative travel expenses

If the insured is hospitalized for more than 10 days, Iran insurance company will accept all the travel expenses of the insured’s relative (chosen by the insured) to come to visit him from his birthplace to Iran (the place where he is hospitalized).


 Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get Iran Insurance for my trip to Iran?

You can get it online from the website You will also have to provide the following information when filling out the form:

  • First name and last name

    travel insurance form, paperwork and questionnaire for insurance concepts
    travel insurance form, paperwork and questionnaire for insurance concepts
  • Date of birth
  • Number of your foreign passport
  • Citizenship
  • Your residence address


 How much will travel insurance in Iran cost me?

Comprehensive travel insurance will cost you the trivial amount of 55 US$ for your stay in Iran. But if you are included in the tour, it is one of the special services of our tours so it becomes absolutely free.

Why is travel insurance necessary for a traveler to Iran?

Because a travel insurance plan in Iran can cover any unexpected costs incurred before or during your trip so expenses are less likely to come out of your pocket. It can also include the medical expenses during your temporary stay in Iran.