Forty kilometers far from Natanz, a city near to Isfahan, you will enter a village which its red stair house will attract your attention. The red view of these houses is because of the red soil that is utilized in their construction. It is a beautiful village in which people are still living the way they used to live 2500 years ago. It seems as if this part of world has been in a deep sleep and has never felt the passage of time. They have their own way of living. People are still working on farms, and have kept their accent untouched. You will be attracted to their clothing to the extent that you can’t resist trying them on or take them as souvenirs. Men wear long loose black pants with long coats, and women wear flowery loose shirts and crimp skirts. They wear colorful scarfs too. You will see women in cities who sell these crafts to you.
Abyaneh has its own architectural models. Alleys are winding, houses are red and the green color of the trees extinguishes them more. Monuments have survived in this village like temples, castles, shrines, beautiful cloisters. It seems as if the people in this village are the ancient people who have been survived to the present era. Peoples’ way of living seems as if they have revived history. If you are going from Isfahan to Tehran, try not to miss visiting this city.


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