Gambil Valley

Gambil valley could be a great representative of the Zagros Mountain Chain beauty. River, trees, wild shrubs, tall walls, and colorful flowers, all together have built the spectacular Gambil valley in Sepidan, not far from Shiraz. In the valley path, we accompany a river originated in the Sepidan heights. As the river goes by and the valley widens, this water will create LIFE…

The tall close cliffs on the two side of the river, forcing you to swim through the valley. Cooking on the fire using the dry woods and finally camping and spending a night in Gambil would make an everlasting memory. The smell of smoke, light of fire, and sound of the river review happiness and joy again and again.


For experiencing a fantastic trekking in Gambil valley and mix the cultural Iran tour with a nice trekking or even camping, two more days need to be added to our Shiraz sightseeing. Spring, Summer and Winter are good seasons for visiting this pristine nature. 



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