Ghalat Village , shiraz iran

Attraction Detail


If you have planned to visit Shiraz, do not miss visiting the village of Ghalat.

This village is located 36 kilometers far from Shiraz in north west of this city.

It takes 42 minutes to go from Shiraz to this city.

Having nice climate has turned this village a very beautiful and comfortable place for visitors who want to go on a trip. Even travelers and native people of this area choose this village for spending their weekend there. This place is mountainous and you will see several houses in stair type of structure. Tall trees have covered the view of these houses. The nature of this village is truly beautiful. The green lands, winding alleys and the sound of waterfalls shows how intact the village is. It will attract you to walk on foot around the village. As you are walking it feels as if you are the first person who discovered these alleys. Walking by every alley you will face vacant cities which are as old as the village itself. An old church, water mills and handcrafts like baskets, Melki(a kind of shoe), Mashk and wood crafts are all attractive concepts In Ghalat. You can also go hiking or mountain climbing on the green valleys of this marvelous village. You may as well visit traditional weddings and get acquainted with the old customs of the people of the area. This village is village named village of weed  in iran :)
After walking in untouched sites of this region you can take some rest in traditional café and restaurants which are designed with woody decoration. You can try Iranian food or tea. In spring and summer you can sit on the roof of these cafes and look at the blue sky, mountains, and long trees while listening to music. It will give a fantastic moment. In winters everywhere is covered with snow. Its falls are as colorful as you can’t  imagine, you may never stop taking pictures from its beauty.


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