Koohgol or Kuh-Gol

Attraction Detail

When it comes to talk about Dena, it is impossible not to mention Koohgol.

Koohgol (meaning mountain of flowers in Farsi) is surely the mother nature’s masterpiece in Dena. After a one-hour hike, we get to see a lake with the altitude of 2700m sitting in a unique location amongst a set of mountains with the higher altitude of 4000m. The morning and evening breeze, along with the natural smell of fresh grass attract the visitors to their glamour. A vast meadow with a crystal-clear spring in the heart is in the close distance of the lake. When we lie down on the green field, we can enjoy observing the infinite blue sky immediately. The high peaks of the eastern Dena, each with more than 4000 m height, mighty and majestic, are smiling at us. Different specific plant species can be seen in Sisakht area, one of the famous ones is Fritillaria.

Spending a starry night under the clear night sky of Koohgol would make an unforgettable memory of your Iran visit.



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