Nasir ol Molk Mosque Shiraz


Nasir ol molk Mosuq   that named in popular culture as the Pink Mosque,due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design. The stained glass windows capture the morning light and create a glorious play of light on the floor of the mosque.this place is interesting place for all photographer.
This Mosque is one one of the most elegant and photographed mosque in southern Iran.Built at the end of the 19th centery,its coloured tiling(on unusually deep shade of blue)is exquisite.There are some particularly fine muqarns in the smallish outer portal and in the northern iwan.But the stained glass,carved pillars and polychrome Fiance of the winter prayer hall are the most eye_catching features.Photographers should come as early as possible in the morning for shots of the hall lit up through the glass.
The entrance is about 4 dollar.

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