Iran Business Travel – Bleisure Trip to Iran 2020

Most of the employees always have to deal with long-term trips away from home which is one of the reasons for their dissatisfaction, being away from family and friends, suffering through the jet lag, the absence in most of the family events, and much more harms. Bleisure is a brand-new trend by business travelers to add vacation time to a business trip and make it more enjoyable, like it or not the trip has to be made and since the company takes care of the huge flight costs, why not getting the most from the Iran trip by providing a memorable stay and being capable of seeing the highlights of ancient Persia?!

Bleisurites turn their Iran business trip into a delightful stay, save money with shifting the return flight from the weekends, and surely make the most out of the business opportunities on their trip. The noted points are the turnover decrease percentage and higher employee satisfaction among companies that allow their employees to add a few leisure days of travel into the trip without increasing any extra costs.

Millennials are today’s largest segment of the workforce. Their travel needs, interests, and plans are really important in travel markets. They all are trying to achieve the most out of their life, Bleisure travel allows them to make a balance between work and life.

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Friendly Iran is ready to arrange all the services and requirements of a MICE Tour or Bleisure Trip to Iran for different kinds of reasons.

Iran Exhibitions, Business to Business meetings, Conferences, Events, or checking out Iran’s export goods such as Persian handmade rugs, agricultural products like saffron, Pistachio, Rose, Barberry, and Pomegranate or Iran mining subjects.

Iran is a new market for developing a business. Our Friendly staff is trying to provide you and your clients with qualified services, professional consultations, and needed advertisement with their local knowledge and great connections to special segments based on your field of business.

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