Iran can be world’s bleisure trips destination! The land of Persia as an excellent however unheard business meeting point and holding various attractions is a unique location for business and leisure trips.

3 reasons why you should spend your bleisure trip in Iran:

  1. Situating close to various transport hubs in Middle East e.g. Dubai, Doha and Istanbul, Iran is the perfect choice to connect Europe and the eastern countries for the business matters.
  2. The history of Persia accompanying mesmerizing nature and exciting activities offers fantastic short trips and tours.
  3. In Iran you receive the most Luxury services with a very budget friendly price. 5 star hotels, equipped meeting halls, conference halls, hotels and mice centers has made Iran a great host to make deals and enhance cooperation along with relaxing and visit excursions.

Why bleisure trips are getting famous?

Some employees tend to rush into different places, rushing to catch flights, check-in at hotels and they are almost always far from home even on special events! This is sometimes the greatest reason for dissatisfaction.

Bleisure is a brand-new trend by business travelers to add vacation time to a business trip and make it more enjoyable! Consider it this way; the trip is anyhow planned and since the company takes care of the huge flight costs, why not getting the most from the business trip? 

Business in Iran | Export from Iran

Above all business and trades with Iran, export is the most famous and profitable one.

A great amount of Iran’s exports are oil and natural gas, yet there are much more than chemicals and oil derivations to trade and export from Iran.

Construction materials and mineral goods

Iron ore, red soil, copper ore, marble, zinc ore, gypsum, chromite, NaCl, ceramics, sand, cement, strontium, and decorative bricks are among the most important exports of Iran in the construction field.

Agricultural and livestock goods

Agricultural and livestock products such as fresh and dried fruits, almond kernels, raisins, vegetables, tragacanth, cumin, pistachios, saffron, grapes, watermelon, apples, dates, figs, fish, caviar, shrimp, fluff, hides and skins, crust, and Intestines are another group that is world wide’s favorite products to import from Iran. Among all mentioned products, Iranian pistachios, dates, skins, and saffron are the most popular ones.

Traditional goods and handicrafts

Traditional goods and handicrafts are export products that have no expiry date. Handwoven carpets, various types of kilims, coppersmiths, pottery, engraving and, enamel arts are Iran’s unique export goods.

Translator in Iran

One of the greatest challenges in international collaborations is the language! In Iran, professional translators are ready to assist companies in embossed meetings and conferences. Deutsch, Española, Chinese, Arabic… what is your mother tongue language? Consult free with FriendlyIran team to find the best translators in Iran.

Business Consultation in Iran

Every country has its own business language and to be successful you must learn how to speak it fluently. Starting or developing a business in Iran can be amazingly profitable if you know how! We are here to help you find the best business consultants and consulting firms.

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