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Culinary Day with Persian Nomads



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Culinary Tours, Experience, Immersion Tours

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Learning tasty Nomadic food and meet people are experiences that you will never forget.

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About this Tour

Get yourself ready for a 100% nature-based cooking experience!

Nomads as an independent society living far from the city and in fields and on hills, supply their food through their own herds, chickens, and the herbs of the plain they are living in.

Persian nomadic tribes live without any electricity, water, and gas piping, so they use no refrigerator, oven, and factory-made products. All nomad foods are made by fresh ingredients on an open fire, which can be a part of their health secret and strength mystery. Consuming brand-new meat, rich diary, home-made bread, and different kinds of herbs have been an inspiration for everyone to try and enjoy the yummy experience.

Persian Tribe food is beyond a Cuisine!

Local foods made by nomads tend to make different organs work well and cure pains and keep people healthy and energetic. So, the foods are kindly based on traditional medicine. “Ghovatoo or Ghavoot” is a kind of Halwa, which is made of special spices and herbs that give people strength for example it gives pregnant women enough nutrition to secure the baby while doing their daily duties.

“Kaljoosh” is a kind of soup that is a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamin B3.

Based on traditional medicine, the body will find the necessary nutrition based on the season in nature. Plants like “spear thistle”, “Rhubarb”, “Thymes”, “Chamomile” and “Pennyroyal” are frequently used in Nomad culinary and give the cuisine treatment values.

Nomad cuisine usually includes meat or chicken. They believe protein will give them all the strength and power to do all the tough nomadic daily tasks. But if you are vegetarian, the tribe people are so hospitable that they will make another dish for you. (This should be noted to us in advance).


Food and Culture Day
Food and Culture Day

Today we’ll meet a Persian tribe family in their tent. After a welcome herbal tea, it’s time to make delicious food with the Mother who is known as the best cook as well!
Based on the time we’ll visit around and maybe pick the required herbs fresh from the nearby fields, then with the assistance of our chef, we begin preparing the food.

Persian tribe yummy foods are the kind that makes your mouth water in no time!
Lamb Kebab on fire is a famous food of Iranian tribes, made by the span-new meat of a sheep that has consumed fresh grass as well. The taste is pretty different from the frigid meats of stores! The luscious Kebab with home-made bread, green herbs, and a traditional beverage named doogh makes the whole package a perfect dinner.
Another Iranian tribe food, which is specialized in Qashqai nomads is Layipolo! “Layi” means “within” and “polo” means “rice”! The food is a mixture of rice and pieces of cooked meat, herbs, and some spices. It’s a heavenly cuisine!
Barbequed eggplants and yogurt, green herbs and Halwa are side dishes that we will make to double the pleasure.
After the main course, it’s time for another cup of tea combined with mint, cinnamon, or other herbs and spices. Then just like nomads do we lie down in the tent or gather by the fire to smoke a hookah or have a small talk!
Cooking a Persian Nomadic food with a tribe lady can be one of the kind experiences! Once tried then you’ll always seek an opportunity to do it again and again!


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