Culinary Day with Persian Nomads

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Learning tasty Nomadic food and meet people are experiences that you will never forget.

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Laying hands of love on Mother Nature

After the pandemic, there have been many changes in people’s lifestyles and it has led us to eco-friendly tourism. These global changes would be a good opportunity for you as a responsible traveler to make it happen in all parts of tourism.

As we want to have a role in this new generation of tourism, our company is trying to convince our passengers to be accommodated in the local houses. This way, both of us can support rural families and the local community.

Moreover, you will have the chance to stay in a rural house and experience a villager life.

While you are walking in the alleys of the village face the locals who like to invite you as a friend or a family member to their own home. When you enter their home at midday, a home filled with the smell of the local food cooked by a local woman in Copper dishes.

In most rural houses, you can find a girl or woman who weaves carpets. Many stories behind each carpet were inspired by the inner feelings of the weaver at that moment.

The home appliances you see there most of whom are handmade. Also, there is some furniture that is designed with colorful natural fiber textiles that are called Jajim.

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The Art of Village Living : A taste of Rural Life and Gastronomy
Get yourself ready for a 100% nature-based cooking experience! Nomads as an independent society living far from the city and in fields and on hills, supply their food through their own herds, chickens, and the herbs of the plain they are living in. Persian nomadic tribes live without any electricity, water, and gas piping, so they use no refrigerator, oven, and factory-made products. All nomad foods are made by fresh ingredients on an open fire, which can be a part of their health secret and strength mystery. Consuming brand-new meat, rich diary, home-made bread, and different kinds of herbs have been an inspiration for everyone to try and enjoy the yummy experience. Persian Tribe food is beyond a Cuisine! Local foods made by nomads tend to make different organs work well and cure pains and keep people healthy and energetic.

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Culinary Day with Persian Nomads

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