Discover the rich heritage in Nomadic life
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Discover the rich heritage in Nomadic life

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Get your hands dirty, milk the sheep, make yogurt, make buttermilk in Mashk and collect its butter. Taste organic milk cream with honey. Help the women with their chores and turn the wools to the yarns. Tie a few knots and weave the warp and weft of a black tent, and learn to play a local musical instrument. Play the instrument and create your desired rhythm. Nomads treat guests like newborns; you will consider that place as your own home.” “And the most exciting part of this journey is experiencing the unique taste of local cuisine that the host cooks over the fire using completely organic ingredients. An unforgettable taste that will leave you longing for the black tents and their beautiful Yurds after the trip.

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Overview: If you’re one of those who have chosen to travel to Shiraz with a leisurely approach, allocate a day to a unique experience. I invite you to experience the joy of a nomadic life for a day. Nomads are a group of people in Iran who, by preserving their traditions and culture, have preferred a nomadic lifestyle to settlement. They move across the ranges and heights of mountains in search of favorable weather conditions and suitable pastures for their livestock, adapting to changing climates.”

“Nomadic life is a culture that requires mastery of countless skills to live in it. These are the people who provide much of their life’s necessities themselves. So, join us to learn these skills and live in this culture.”

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In this program, you will experience local cuisine and coordinate meal arrangements with your host, who will prepare them for you. Overnight stays in these tents are possible. For any inquiries regarding this program, please contact our experts.
Simply inform us of the number of people in your group and the services you desire. Then, leave everything to us and enjoy the touch of a unique experience to the fullest.

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Nomadic experience
"As we reach a lush and beautiful valley at the foothills of towering mountains, black tents stand tall, and their inhabitants, adorned in authentic and vibrant clothing, warmly welcome you. Local music, played on traditional instruments like the Saz and Naqareh, fills the air, expressing their joy for your arrival. This ancient instrument, not only used in celebrations and festivities but also played in wars to coordinate and energize the troops, marks your first encounter with nomadic culture." "Then, you're invited into the black tents. These black tents are the nomads' homes, skillfully woven by the hands of women and men of the tribe. The authentic and colorful carpets and everything you see inside these tents are handmade by them." "They bring you tea, a beloved beverage in Iranian culture. After a little rest, you step out of the tent to take in the surroundings. The sight of the livestock, horses, nature, and everything around you captivates your senses." "Here, your eyes fall upon cottages constructed with indigenous materials like the stones from the surrounding mountains. These are the nomads' dwellings during the winter season. So, if you visit this cultural site during the cold seasons, don't worry because these cottages protect you from the cold. If you're lucky enough to experience rain, the warmth of the fire inside the cottage, the crackling of the firewood, and the sound of rain elevate your enjoyment to its peak." "When it comes to culinary experiences, in nomadic life, aside from daily necessities, many food items are naturally produced by themselves. They milk their sheep and produce various dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk, butter, and cheese. They collect natural honey from the mountains and gather seasonal vegetables generously provided by nature."

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Discover the rich heritage in Nomadic life

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