Discovery Nomad Tour with Qashqai Tribes


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Discovery Nomad Tour with Qashqai Tribes

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A cultural experience with Iranian Nomad family in a Day and a half!

About this Tour

This 30 hours Tour nearby Shiraz is a unique journey with a real concept of Nomad life in Iran.

What an irony it is that Persian Nomads which are known as “the most spectacular attraction of Technology Age” are living without any kind of technology!

Far from the city facilities and all the pre-made products, Iranian nomadic Tribes live on their own in un-settled tents with no electricity, water, and gas pipeline! Twice a year after winter and summer, they immigrate to the better climate regions with all their properties and their animals like goats, herds of sheep, birds like chickens, dogs, horses, and donkeys. Can you imagine how difficult would it be to carry all your belongings and walk for miles? And assume there are elderly people, sick people, pregnant women, and children in the tribe as well.

By taking care of their needs on their own, like consuming the mountains’ herbals, the meat of their animals, self-made medicine and hand-made clothes, rugs, and food, Iranian Nomads are the most independent societies in the world.


Nomadic Iranians live in different tribes, e.g. Qashqai, Bakhtyari, Shahsavan, Kurds, Turkmen, etc. and they have distinguished summer/winter quarters, language, and clothing, culture, and festivals. 

Moreover, Persian Nomads are preservers of ancient Persian culture, traditions, music, handicrafts, and foods. In this tour, you will be familiar with all these aspects of the Qashqai tribe’s lives.


Who are Qashqai tribes? Qashqai tribe are Turkish- Iranian people who used to be the first power in south Iran from early times. Qashqai tribe, being one of the most populated tribes in Iran, are famous for patronizing their traditions and ceremonies. Qashqai is a fan of partying and celebrations in large numbers. They play music, dance, smoke water pipes, drink herbal tea, eat delicious kebabs, and chat with each other from evening till night.

More than all other Iranians with different origins, Qashqai people are genuinely hospitable. They devote everything they have to their guests’ comfort. 


This day tour with supporting the local community and considering the expenses to preserve the environment is the right choice for Eco-Friendly Travellers and Responsible traveling.  

Tour Include

All Meals
Tourist Guide
Milk Squeezing
One night stay with nomads in black tent
Cost to clean up the environment

Tour Exclude

Local music, Horse riding, cooking course and
All cost that is not mentioned in including


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Discovery Nomad Tour with Qashqai Tribes

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