Iran Desert & Safari Packages

There are several reasons encourage you to visit Iran deserts at least one time in your life. The beauties of the deserts such as phenomenal sunset and sunrise, the mysteries silence, sandy mosaics, salty crystals and phantasm cities on one hand and specific features and diverse of Iranian deserts such as giant Kaluts on the other hand have made Iran one of the top desert adventure destinations these days.



3 Days Kerman Mixture Tour

We suggest you this 3 day Kerman trip to visit Kerman attractions and enjoy the highlights nearby. This tour starts and finishes in Kerman and is editable based on your preference.

Iran Desert Tour

Desert Camping and Safari Trip in Iran

shiraz > yazd > mesr desert > isfahan > matin abad > kashan > tehran

You can experience the clear and starry sky in the desert of Iran.In this itinerary,Your host is unique nature of desert and during this trip you can also experience different and memorable stay in traditional hotels with modern facility, see unique nature, monuments and try local foods which belong to this area.So, come along for this unforgettable journey.

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